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Searchable Funding Databases

This webpage contains searchable funding databases. Stanford University subscribes to two services, Pivot and Grant Forward, so researchers and staff can set up accounts and use these databases:

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(formerly Community of Science)

Pivot website:

(URL updated 01/08/19)

PIVOT (formerly COS) is a premier subscription database for locating funding opportunities to support research.  It maintains a database of grants, fellowships, and other funding information from public and private, domestic and international sources—for science, social sciences, humanities, and community outreach funding. Anyone with a SUnet ID can access the site while on campus.

Dean of Research Office resource webpage:
Pivot Account Set up/Funding Alert/and Search Function Quick Start Guide:

"Find Open Grant opportunities"

Tip: if you're looking for NIH and NSF funding opportunities it is faster to use their respective search tool webpages listed below.

Tip: offers several search options on this webpage, including "browse agencies".


NIH Search Tool webpage (for current funding opportunities)
more >>

Stanford resources:
These K career development and NRSA F Series webpages include computer lab sessions geared to each type of application.
-NIH K Career Development Awards more
-NRSA F Series Individual Pre-doctoral and Postdoctoral Fellowships more


NIH RePORTER search tool (for funded grants and fellowships)

NIH RePORTER webpage


This webpage allows individuals to search for projects throughout the nation which have been funded by the NIH.
NSF-National Science Foundation "
Find Funding" Search Tool

NSF Find Funding webpage
Tips: you can search by:
-Recently announced funding opportunities
-Upcoming due dates
-Solicitations that limit the number of proposals an institution may submit (if your program is limited, and an internal selection has not been announced- see limited programs- then contact Jeanne Heschele in the Research Management Group at


Federal Research in Progress

Go to the Lane Library webpage, enter "Federal Research in Progress" into the search box.

The Stanford Libraries have licensed the Federal Research in Progress. This can be used to find out more about federally funded research that have been granted already (to see who else is working in an area).
Foundation Directory

SUNET ID required for access:
Website >>

The Stanford Libraries have licensed this database.

Feedback or Questions?
Stanford faculty and research administrative staff, please contact Jeanne Heschele in the Research Management Group at for questions or to be added to one of the funding opportunity email distribution lists.










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