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FY 2018 Defense University Research Instrumentation Program (DURIP)

**$50,000-$1,500,000 funding opportunity for Stanford faculty with PI eligibility for the acquisition of research equipment**


The 2017 deadline has passed. This webpage is for your reference only.

Number of applicants permitted: Unlimited #'s of applications are permitted.

Institutional representative (RPM/RMG and OSR) deadline: June 30, 2017
Deadline: July 7, 2017*, 4 p.m. ET via
Funding start date: June 15, 2018

There is only one DURIP RFP for all three agencies, ARO, ONR, AFOSR.
Download the RFP:   DoD_2018 DURIP_RFP.pdf  PDF file

Scientific Areas of Interest for each agency: 
Because the above DURIP RFP does NOT contain the scientific areas of interest, you must refer to separate Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) PDF files from the agency websites (see below ARO, ONR, AFOSR)


Amount of funding:
Grants will be for the purchase of research equipment costing $50,000 or more, which typically cannot be purchased within the budgets of single-investigator awards. Range: $50K-$1.5M for one year
They intend to award approximately $47 million for FY 2018, subject to the availability of funds.
Cost sharing is not required.


The Department of Defense (DoD) announces the Fiscal Year 2018 Defense University Research Instrumentation Program (DURIP), a part of the University Research Initiative (URI). DURIP is designed to improve the capabilities of U.S. institutions of higher education (hereafter referred to as “universities”) to conduct research and to educate scientists and engineers in areas important to national defense, by providing funds for the acquisition of research equipment.

DURIP funds must be used for the acquisition of major equipment or instrumentation to augment current, or develop new, research capabilities to support research in the technical areas of interest to the DoD. Your proposal may request funding for more than one item if the requested items comprise a “system” that is used for a common research purpose. Requests for computing equipment for a DoD-relevant research programs are appropriate and eligible for funding.

Research Areas of Interest-administering agencies

The DURIP announcement seeks proposals to purchase instrumentation in support of research in areas of interest to the DoD, including areas of research supported by the Army Research Office (ARO), the Office of Naval Research (ONR), and the Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR), hereafter referred to collectively as “the administering agencies.”

The research areas of interest are not included in the DoD 2018 DURIP RFP >>. However, the research areas of interest for each agency can be found by downloading the PDF files under #1, #2, #3.

You must refer to the websites cited above for detailed technical information and our technical goals. We encourage you to contact the Program Managers listed in the cited announcements before submitting proposals to explore research areas of mutual interest to you and us.

You may submit a single DURIP proposal to more than one administering agency; however, only one administering agency will fund it, if selected. There is no limit on the total number of different proposals you can submit. There is no limit to the number of awards a single applicant organization can receive under this competition.

Funding restrictions:

Allowable DURIP costs:

Unallowable DURIP costs:


Review criteria:
The primary evaluation criteria, of equal importance, are:

You should show strength in as many of the evaluation areas as practicable to demonstrate maximum competitiveness.



Stanford Resources

Institutional Representatives
You must be prepared to submit your completed PDRF forms and your application materials your institutional representatives* at least 5-working days prior to the application receipt deadline. You are encouraged to notify your RPM as soon as possible that you will be submitting a proposal so he/she can begin to generate your budget and assist with other aspects of your application.
*Medicine: RPM dept. assignment webpage >>   RMG internal proposal deadline policy webpage >>
*Other Schools: Download the Pre-award OSR department assignments, link to the OSR internal proposal deadline policy on this DoResearch webpage >>

Stanford Instrumentation Resources:
In order for Stanford University to make best use of its resources and to comply with federal regulations, best practices on major instrumentation acquisition are offered as guidelines to help support the research mission of the departments, labs, and schools through the university.

Funding information resources for the Stanford community:
Links to webpages created for recent announcements (many devoted to specific research topics), searchable funding databases (Pivot & Grant Forward), foundations, NIH, NSF, postdoctoral fellowships, internal Stanford funding opportunities, etc.)
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