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Cracking the Neural Code (CNC) Program
Collaborative Research Grants

**Internal Stanford funding opportunity for faculty in neuroscience, engineering, physical or computational science.**

The internal selection process has been completed for 2012. This webpage is for your reference only.

Deadline: Oct. 15, 2012

Amount of funding: $25K-$100K/yr for 1-3 yrs

At least two Stanford faculty members, one working in neuroscience of any sub-specialty and one in the engineering, physical or computational sciences.

For this purpose neuroscience will be broadly construed, including not only any aspect of basic or clinical neurobiology but also related areas of psychology, ethics, social sciences, philosophy of mind, or economics. Particularly valued will be new collaborations drawing Stanford investigators from across the University who have not traditionally worked in neuroscience.

CNC Program

Over the past several years, exciting new approaches designed to identify neural codes, and thereby advance our understanding of the brain and of ourselves, have begun to emerge. The ensuing scientific, medical, and societal impact could ultimately be comparable to that achieved in the prior century by cracking of the genetic code. Yet, to fully reach its potential, this ongoing transformation of brain science will require ideas from other disciplines, especially from the engineering, physical and computational sciences. The CNC Program (Cracking the Neural Code) builds on Stanford’s noted strengths in these areas, as well as in medicine and key areas of the social sciences, ethics, law, and philosophy.

CNC’s mission is to leverage Stanford’s unique advantages by spurring collaborations between neuroscientists of any sub-specialty with faculty in the engineering, physical or computational sciences. CNC can act nimbly but is also establishing lasting infrastructure. The program will host interdisciplinary symposia and research projects suited to capitalize on both the unique capabilities of Stanford’s university-wide resources and infrastructure, as well as unique new instrumentation at the CNC Building (1050B Arastradero, Stanford).

Application guidelines:

By Oct. 15, 2012, please email as a single PDF file to

Cynthia Delacruz

·1)   Cover page with Investigators’ names and departments, plus <150-word abstract.

2)    3-page proposal inclusive of figures and references.

3)   2-page CV for each PI.

4)    1-page description and justification of the budget.

Questions? Contact:
CNC Directors:
Dr. Karl Deisseroth, Bioengineering and Psychiatry ,
Dr. Mark J. Schnitzer, Applied Physics and Biology ,










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