Research Management Group (RMG)

Stanford Child Health Research Institute (CHRI)
CHRI Harman Faculty Scholar Award

Internal funding opportunity for mid-career Stanford faculty (associate professor) with MCL appointments in clinical departments who have their primary site of clinical/academic activity at the LPCH. The CHRI mission is to Mobilize Stanford discoveries and expertise to launch healthier lives

Guidelines and Policy:   Download >> PDF

Internal deadline: June 1, 2017, 5 p.m. (see the internal application guidelines below)
Award start date:   Sept. 1, 2017

Amount of funding:  $100,000 per year for up to 3 years

Applicants must hold an M.D. or its equivalent degree and:

The CHRI Harman Faculty Scholar Program will provide funds first for the scholar's remuneration and benefits and second to support research and other costs of the faculty member related expenses, or costs of research such that there shall be demonstrable, significant and meritorious scholarship/research activities related to innovation in child health. These resources will allow the awardee to be freed up from their usual clinical and/or administration activities so that they may pursue their academic pursuits

Type of research
Research must be primarily related to maternal and child health. Maternal and child refers to the expectant mother, oocyte, zygote, embryo, fetus, infant, child and adolescent. All areas of research are eligible: basic, translational, clinical research, epidemiology/statistics, informatics, health services, or health policy. 


The potential CHRI Harman Faculty scholars will be nominated by the Clinical Department Chair wherein they hold their primary SSoM academic appointment.  (See internal application guidelines below.)


By June 1, 2017, 5 p.m., please submit one PDF file containing the following (in the order listed below) via email attachment to:

Carol Schulze
CHRI Senior Financial Manager

File name: Last name_CHRI_Harman_Faculty_Scholar.pdf

Institutional representative: you do not have to submit your application to your RPM in RMG for his or her approval. You can submit your application directly to Carol Schulze.

1) Cover page
Title of this RFA:   2017 CHRI Harman Faculty Scholar Award
Title of your project
PI: Name, title, department, address, phone and email address

2) Letter of Nomination
Printed on your department's letterhead and signed by your Clinical Department Chair (This should be from the department where you have your primary appointment).  The Chair’s nominating letter will outline the nominee's

3) Personal Statement (one page):
Using Arial 11 font or larger.   Describe how the award will both enhance their career development and the Strategic Plan and Strategic Goals of the LPCH and the SoM as it relates to innovation in maternal and child health.

4) Research Proposal
(maximum of 4 pages of text, not including references, and no more than 5 additional pages of attachments or appendices.  Use Arial 11 font or larger and place the applicant's name on every page along with the page number. )
The proposal should contain a concise description of the project aims, hypothesis, background, preliminary studies (if available), overall design and methods and potential pitfalls and a 3-year budget.  For human-based studies there should also be a brief description of sample size and plan for statistical analyses of the results.

5)   A Statement that:

6) NIH Biosketch and Other Support Page
NIH biosketch (NIH webpage >>)

7) Updated CV

Selection process
After adjudication, the Director will recommend the selected applicant to the CHRI Governing Board for their approval.   The Governing Board will be provided with the rationale for the appointment and the relationship of the appointment to the Strategic Plan of the LPCH and SSoM.  Priority will be given to nominees in their mid-career as MCL faculty.




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