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Center for Biomedical Imaging at Stanford (CBIS)
CBIS Seed Funding for Imaging Research or Educational Projects

***Internal Funding Opportunity for Stanford faculty. ***

This program will not be offered in 2014.

Internal Deadline: TBA, (see internal submission guidelines below)
Proposals will be reviewed for a summer funding start date.

Amount of funding: $20,000 for 1 yr

The Center for Biomedical Imaging at Stanford (CBIS) makes available $100,000 to fund imaging research or educational projects up to $20,000 each for one year. The goals of this program are to fund strategic research directions in biomedical imaging campus wide, to promote cooperation between different research programs and different schools on campus, and to promote educational opportunities in biomedical imaging.




Review Criteria

Internal Submission Guidelines

By TBA, please submit a single PDF of your proposal (in the order listed below) to Kellison Pack with "CBIS Seed Grant" in the Subject line:

Kellison Pack
Department of Radiology

Faculty: you do not have to submit your proposals through your institutional representative (RPM/RMG or OSR)

Please provide the following information using standard NIH font and formatting conventions:

A. Administrative Data
1. Project Title:
2. Principal Investigator:
3. Other key personnel:
4. Other Project Funding available: ( ) No; ( ) Yes (If yes, please explain)
5. For projects that need IRB or IACUC approval, funding will not be released until the protocol is approved.

B. Research Plan or Educational Plan

Research Plan
Provide a brief description (≤ 3 pages) of proposed research. Page count includes figures and tables, but does not include references.
1. Specific Aim(s) of Research
2. Background and Significance
3. Preliminary Results, if available
4. Research Design and Methods


Educational Plan
Provide a brief description (≤ 3 pages) of proposed course. Funds can be used to purchase enabling one-time expenses. A financial plan to continue the course in subsequent years must be presented.

C. Budget
Justify support required to complete project, itemized by personnel, equipment and supplies. The maximum amount is $20,000, which will allow us to fund multiple projects. Budget amounts may be modified during the review process. Funding may not be used for faculty salary.

Progress Reporting
The principal investigator is expected to present results of this work at the annual CBIS symposium.


Contact Information

Dr. Kim Butts Pauly
CBIS Program Director


Kellison Pack
Department of Radiology

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