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Cancer related funding opportunities

This webpage contains the cancer-related funding opportunities announced on 04/19/13 and updated in May.


Stanford Internal Funding Opportunity highlights:


Stanford Cancer Institute
Developmental Research Awards

-Interactive projects $100,000
-Population Sciences $50,000
-Translational Research $50,000
Eligibility: For faculty who are members of the Stanford Cancer Institute (SCI). See guidelines for additional criteria.
May 28, 2013, 3 p.m.

Stanford Cancer Imaging Training (SCIT) Program

Eligibility: Candidate must have an MD or PhD degree; Candidate must be a US citizen, or a non-citizen national, or must have been lawfully admitted for permanent residence and possess an Alien Registration Card (1-151 or 1-551) or some other verification of legal admission as a permanent resident.
Deadline: July 1, 2013

To view other internal Stanford funding opportunities currently accepting applications
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SPECIAL NOTE: American Cancer Society

The American Cancer Society suspended the spring 2013 grants cycle (April deadlines).
Changes to the Extramural Grants peer review format and program are expected to be announced by July 1, 2013 – the start of the next funding cycle (typically October 15 deadlines). Potential applicants will be able to find more information on changes to the program and new initiatives on closer to that date. more >>


DoD CDMRP- Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs- cancer-related


DoD Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs (CDMRP)
FY13 Ovarian Cancer Research Program (OCRP) RFAs

June pre-application deadlines.

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DoD Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs (CDMRP)
FY13 Breast Cancer Research Program (BCRP) RFAs

June pre-application deadlines.
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Foundation/Association (arranged by topic)


Brain Tumors and/or Brain Cancer


Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure
ABC2 funds projects at each stage of the therapeutic development pipeline to ensure promising leads are advanced as quickly as possible. Our Pre-Clinical Screening Program breaks down barriers to entry, our Research Grants focus on novel therapies, and our company investments bring the most promising treatments to patients quickly.
Eligibility: faculty with PI eligibility
Applications accepted on an ongoing basis


National Brain Tumor Society
Innovation Research Grants

$150,000 per year (2 years)
Faculty with PI eligibility
NBTS accepts Innovation Grant Letters of Intent on a rolling basis.
NBTS will review Innovation Grant Letters of Intent on a quarterly basis.


Pediatric Low Grade Astrocytoma Foundation (PLGA)
Brain Tumor Research Grants

Faculty with PI eligibility
Award funding is based on size, impact and complexity of projects. All grants are awarded with the understanding of 0 percent overhead. Funding can be awarded over one, two, or three years.
The grant cycle is an ongoing process throughout the year. Investigators from all over the world are invited to submit a letter of intent.


Solving Kids Cancer
Therapeutic Development Initiative (TDI)

Project Grant Awards $25K-$300K
Eligibility: Faculty with PI eligibility
The goals are to provide applicants an opportunity to propose novel agents for neuroblastoma, pediatric brain tumors and/or sarcomas clinical study that would be difficult to support through other funding mechanisms.
Clinical Idea of Intent accepted throughout the year.



Leukemia and lymphoma

Children's Leukemia Research Foundation
Research Grant Program
Faculty with PI eligibility
Deadline: June 30, 2013




Melanoma Research Foundation
CURE OM (Occular Melanoma) Research

$100K/yr x 2 yrs
Eligibility: associate professor or higher with PI eligibility
Deadline: May 1, 2013 via proposal central


Melanoma Research Foundation
Career Development Award
-to encourage junior investigators to enter the field of melanoma research.
$50K/yr x 2yrs
Eligibility: Instructors and early assistant professors with PI eligibility.
Deadline: May 1, 2013 via proposal central





CureSearch for Children's Cancer
Grand Challenge Awards in Pediatric Cancer

Acceleration Initiative Grants
Letter of intent (required): May 15, 2013 via proposal central
Full proposal by invitation only: Aug. 1, 2013 via proposal central
Guidelines: Download the guidelines by clicking on the document icon next to the RFA title opposite CureSearch for Children's Cancer on this proposal central webpage >>
Purpose: Multi-institutional, collaborative grant- "A CureSearch “grand challenge” is a call for a specific scientific or technological innovation that will remove a critical barrier or identify a breakthrough toward improving childhood cancer outcomes--all with a high likelihood of impact and feasibility. "
Amount of funding: CureSearch will commit up to $5 million to this initiative. There is no budget limit for this funding opportunity but the project period may not exceed 3 years.
Eligibility: faculty with PI eligibility (with UTL, MCL, or NTL-Research appointments)
Grants will be awarded to a single Principal Investigator (PI). It is anticipated that Co-investigators serving at multiple institutions will be involved in a project.


The Doctors Cancer Foundation
$50,000 grant for the management of cancer. There is a strong interest in cancer stem cells, microRNAi agents, epigenetic agents, as well as many others. We are particularly interested in promoting the best of the young scientists, currently under the radar. The project should be innovative, sound and be able to lead to clinical trials.
Eligibility: faculty with PI eligibility
Deadline: May 31, 2013


Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation
Damon Runyon-Rachleff Innovation Award

$450,000 over 3 yrs (no indirect costs are provided).
Eligibility: tenure-track** Assistant Professors (MCL & UTL) within the first three years of obtaining their initial Assistant Professor position. (Cut-off date: July 1, 2010.) *
[**Stanford Clarification: ONLY Assistant professors with UTL and MCL faculty appointments are eligible. Any institutional letter for MCL faculty must explain the rigorous appointment process as well as the institution's commitment to the applicant.] Although the sponsor's guidelines state tenure-track, per correspondence with their Administrative Director, they will permit assistant professors with both UTL and MCL faculty appointments to apply.
Full proposal: July 1, 2013


American Cancer Society
Clinical Research Professor

$80,000 per year x 5 years
Purpose: grants to mid-career investigators who have made seminal contributions in the area of cancer control that have changed the direction of clinical, psychosocial, behavioral, health policy or epidemiologic cancer research.
Letter of intent deadline (required):
Aug. 1, 2013
Full proposal: Oct. 15, 2013
Guidelines >>


Damon Runyon Postdoctoral Fellowships

Unlimited applicants permitted
(see the guidelines for eligibility criteria)
Deadline: Aug. 15 2013 (internal: Aug. 8)
Eligibility guidelines:
Fellowship application guidelines:
(Postdoctoral fellows: please submit your proposals via the RMG Fellowship office at least 5 working days before the sponsor's deadline per the instructions at:




Multiple Myeloma


Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF)
Research Fellow Award

The goal of this initiative is to help support young investigators to begin their studies in the field of multiple myeloma while advancing the understanding of myeloma disease biology, treatment and drug resistance uner the guidance of a research mentor.
$75,000 for 1 year
Eligibility: postdoctoral and medical fellows, assistant Professors with PI eligibility (UTL, MCL and NTL-Research appointments)
Deadline: May 14, 2013 via proposal central
Institutional representative: this is a mentored career development grant and not a fellowship, therefore, you must submit your applications through your department's Research Process Manager (RPM)


International Myeloma Foundation
2014 Brian D. Novis Research Award:
Senior grant $80K (established faculty with PI eligibility with track record in myeloma or related research)
2014 Brian D. Novis Research Award: Junior grant $50K (Completed postdoctoral studies or clinical fellowships not later than August 1 of the application year); Instructors, assist. prof. with PI eligibility
Deadline: Aug. 1, 2013
Guidelines >>




Ovarian Cancer


Ovarian Cancer Research Fund
Program Project Development Grants

Provides funds for ovarian cancer research projects that may involve several investigators within one institution or collaborations between groups in multiple institutions.
Letter of intent deadline (required): May 23, 2013 via proposal central
Full proposal by invitation only: Aug. 23, 2013 via proposal central


Ovarian Cancer Research Fund
Liz Tilberis Scholars Early Career Awards
Eligibility: investigators in their first academic faculty appointment (assistant professors with PI eligibility-UTL, MCL, and NTL-Research appointments. This award is open to physician-scientists (Gynecologic Oncology, Medical Oncology) and Ph.D. scientists.
Letter of intent deadline (required): May 23, 2013 via proposal central
Full proposal by invitation only: Aug. 23, 2013 via proposal central


Ovarian Cancer Research Fund
Ann Schreiber Mentored Investigator Award

($75,000 total over 2 yrs)
Eligibility: Applicants must be clinical fellows (Gynecological Oncology, Medical Oncology) or postdoctoral fellows and have a M.D. or Ph.D. degree.
Letter of intent deadline (required): May 23, 2013 via proposal central
Full proposal by invitation only: Aug. 23, 2013 via proposal central
Postdocs and clinical fellows: because this is a mentored career development grant and not a fellowship, you must submit your PDRF forms and your application materials through your department's Research Process Manager (RPM). Please contact your RPM asap so he/she can begin to build your budget. RPM assignments:

Prostate Cancer


Prostate Cancer Foundation
2013 Challenge Award

Amount of funding: $1 million direct costs
Eligibility: faculty with PI eligibility (with UTL, MCL, or NTL-Research appointments)
These awards support large-scale research projects from teams of at least 3 highly experienced investigators capable of providing unique scientific expertise to the solution of a significant problem in prostate cancer research. The team may be assembled from one institution or several institutions from across the globe, and must embed a young investigator as an integral contributor to the team.
Focus: Treatment Sciences: Investigations of new ideas in man or laboratory support of a high-impact clinical investigation with a high probability of near-term patient benefit.
Full proposal Deadline: May 24, 2013



Surgical Oncology


Society of Surgical Oncology
Clinical Investigator Award

$50K/yr x 2 yrs
To promote patient-oriented research conducted by surgical oncologists in clinical and translational science.
Eligibility: faculty with PI eligibility who are within 10 years of completion of training. Must be full SSO members for at least 6 months prior to application submission
Deadline: July 8, 2013




Waldenstrom’s macroglobulinemia (WM)


International Waldenstrom's Macroglobulinemia (malignant monoclonal gammopathy)
The IWMF Research Grant Program is pledged to promote and support research leading to improved understanding of the cause, diagnosis, treatment, and cure for the disease Waldenstrom’s macroglobulinemia
Eligibility: faculty with PI eligibility (with UTL, MCL, NTL-Research appointments)
Research proposals may be submitted at any time. Following a review process that may take up to three months, awards will be made to successful applicants.
IWMF anticipates funding grants in the range of $50,000 to $100,000, depending on complexity and goals and on the funds available for research projects. However, grants in excess of $200,000 have been awarded for certain projects.





General Resources

Institutional Representatives
You do not have to submit your pre-applications or letters of intent via your RPM or OSR representative. However, you must submit your application materials and your completed PDRF forms to your institutional representative at least 5 working days prior to the application deadline. You are strongly encouraged to let your RPM know as soon as possible that you are planning to submit an application so they can help with your budget preparation, etc.
*Medicine: RPM Assignments by department:
*Other schools: OSR assignments:

Foundation Relations: MCD and LPFCH
The Foundation Relations team in the Medical Center Development office is available to assist School of Medicine faculty with a review and editing of your proposal. This office facilitates mutually beneficial relationships between faculty and private and philanthropic organizations. Please contact Joy Morimoto at 650-736-9749,, or Michelle Heeseman at 650-736-8968,, for assistance.

For assistance with proposals in children’s health research, please contact Ann Rose 650-497-8444 or Edna Neivert Edna.Neivert@LPFCH.ORG 650-724-2783 in Foundation Relations at Lucile Packard Foundation for Children’s Health.

Shared Facility/Service Center Resource
You are encouraged to discuss shared facility, service center, core facility resources with Bruce Koch, Senior Director, Discovery and Technological Service Centers, Office of the Senior Associate Dean for Research at


Proposal Central application submission: helpful hints

How to delegate the authority to submit your proposal to the RPM.

In order for RPMs to review and submit grants through Proposal Central, the PI has to go to the section of the application titled "Enable Other Users to Access this Proposal." The PI should scroll to the bottom of the page, enter the RPM's email address, then give the RPM"administrative" permission. The "administrative" permission allows the RPM to view, edit and submit the application. If the RPM is not given "administrative" permission, the RPM will not be able to access the submit button.

Special Note: Selecting the Institution's Name
School of Medicine PIs: Select Stanford University-the profile will show RMG's Menlo Park address)
PIs in other schools: Select "the Board of Trustees of the Leland Stanford Junior University" which will display the OSR address.

Selecting a signing official: the "Stanford University" profile will include the list of RPMs. If "the Board of Trustees of the Leland Stanford Junior University" is selected, this profile will show the OSR signing officials.


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