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Limited funding opportunity—for Stanford assistant professors with tenure-track (UTL) faculty appointments (see eligibility), exceptional Senior Clinical Fellows, Distinguished fellows involved in high-risk/high reward basic or translational/clinical research pertaining to the cause and or prevention of Parkinson's disease.

A website is not available for this award. If you would like a copy of the guidelines for your reference, please send an email to Kristy Verhines at

This webpage is for your reference only. It will be updated when Stanford receives a subsequent invitation to submit a proposal. (An invitation was not received in 2012.)

Internal deadline: Monday, Aug. TBA, 4 p.m. (see internal submission guidelines)
Sponsor deadline: Sept. 13, 2011

# of applications from the institution: 1 (see internal submission guidelines below)

Amount of funding: $100,000 per year x 3 yrs direct costs. No part of this award may be used for indirect costs or institutional overhead.

The William N. & Bernice E. Bumpus Foundation Innovation Award is designed to provide support for the next generation of exceptionally creative thinkers with "high risk/high reward" ideas that have the potential to significantly impact our understanding of the cause and prevention of Parkinson's disease. The Innovation Award is specifically designed to provide funding for extraordinary early career researchers who have an innovative new idea but lack sufficient preliminary data to obtain traditional funding. It is not designed to fund incremental advances. The research supported by the award must be novel, exceptionally creative and, if successful, have the strong potential for high impact in the Parkinson's field. The Innovation Award does not support research that furthers the diagnosis or treatment of Parkinson's disease.


Review criteria
Applicants will be evaluated based on the following:

Internal Submission Guidelines

By Monday, Aug TBA, 4 p.m., please submit one PDF file containing the following, in order listed below, via email attachment to:

Kristy Verhines
Program Manager
Stanford Institute for Neuro Innovation and Translational Neuroscience
(650) 498-7454

Each proposal should consist of the following (arranged in the order listed below). Single spaced, one-sided, Size 11 font. No budgets or PDRF forms are required for the internal selection process. You do not need to submit your internal proposals via your institutional representative

1) Title Page (print this on your department letterhead)
Include the title of this RFA: William N. & Bernice E. Bumpus Foundation Innovation Award (Ridgeway Philanthropy)
Title of your proposal
Your name, title, department, contact information, email address

2) Nomination (recommendation) letter addressed to Gary Steinberg, MD, PhD, Director, SINTN, printed on your department letterhead and signed by your division chief or your department chair. Please address that the candidate meets the eligibility and review criteria.The Department must guarantee the investigator is conducting the proposed research independently and not part of a currently funded research project. This letter should also confirm that the candidate will devote at least 80% of his or her time conducting research. If nominating an exceptional Senior Clinical Fellow in their final year of subspecialty training or Distinguished Fellow (i.e., Whitehead Fellow, Cold Spring Harbor Fellow), the letter must be prepared and co-signed by the Mentor, and include a discussion about the individual's exceptional record of accomplishment, dedicated laboratory space and the support of the institution.

b) 4 page scientific abstract/research proposal (illustrations and references not included in the page limit) Include the hypthesis, reasoning and novelty of the project, and the potential impact on the field of Parkinson's Disease. (This award supports "high risk/high reward" ideas that have the potential to significantly impact our understanding of the cause and prevention [not the diagnosis and treatment] of the disease.)

c) 3-4 page NIH-format biosketch

d) List of ALL other support, current AND pending (list name of sponsor, amount and term of funding) (Reminder--Please note other funding restrictions under eligibility)

Selection process
The SINTN committee will select the applicant to represent the university by the Sponsor's Sept. 13, 2011 deadline.


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