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AACI Translational Cancer Research Fellowship

***Limited funding opportunity for Stanford postdoctoral fellows—only one application is permitted, therefore a university-wide internal selection process is required**

This webpage contains the internal selection process that was last held in 2013 and is for your reference only.

These are just for your reference. Post-docs: please follow the internal submission guidelines in this message.

# of applicants permitted
: 1 (see the internal submission guidelines below)

Internal Cancer Institute Deadline:   TBA (see the internal submission guidelines below)
By TBA- final applicant selected by the Cancer Institute internal review committee will be notified to proceed with the full application
Jan. TBA- final applicant must submit his/her full application to his/her Research ProcessManager (RPM)
Feb. TBA- final application due at the AACI (12 noon ET)
Mid-May, TBA - announcement of grant awards

Applicants must be committed to advancing patient-oriented research.
The successful applicant must:

Amount of the fellowship:

The one-year $50,000 fellowship grant may provide support for the trainee’s salary and benefits, stipend, and/or direct research expenses while working on a clinical and/or translational cancer research project.


The intent of the fellowship is to provide additional support to individuals who are engaged in any area of clinical and/or translational cancer research in order to further the development of their careers and enhance their future success in an academic discipline. The AACI fellowship will provide a one-year non-renewable grant to support post-doctoral training to individuals who have completed at least one year of training in any field of oncology and have at least one year of training remaining at an AACI member institution.

This award is designed to help insure that qualified applicants receive research training and experience under the guidance of highly trained, well-respected researchers who have demonstrated success in their field of research. The goal is to assist the trainee in becoming a high-caliber, productive independent researcher with an enduring focus on the importance of translational research relevant to cancer.

Review Criteria:

Applicant: The applicant’s potential and commitment to become an important contributor to translational cancer research; previous academic and/or clinical performance; the mentor, the institution, and the environment; evidence of commitment to a career in translational cancer research; awards and honors; other relevant research experience; professional training; and publications.
Mentor and Training Environment: The qualifications of the mentor including his or her research expertise and prior experience as a mentor; the degree to which the level of funding for the proposed project, the proposed training program, and the institution will be conducive to successful postdoctoral training.
Project Proposal: The overall merit of the research proposal and the general approach, considering the applicant’s research background and the respective contributions of the applicant and the mentor in the development of the research proposal; the extent to which the proposed study addresses an important problem related to cancer.



By TBA, please send a single PDF file of the following (in the order listed below) to:

Denise Baughman
Project Manager
Stanford Cancer Institute

File name: Last name_AACI_fellowship.pdf

Note: you do not have to submit your internal proposals through your institutional representative (ie., RMG Fellowship Office, RPM, or OSR), you can submit your internal proposal per these instructions.

1) Title Page
Title of this RFA: AACI Translational Cancer Research Fellowship
Name of the Candidate, title, department, address, phone, email

2) Nomination letter printed on department/division letterhead addressed to the Cancer Institute Internal Review Committee (c/o Denise Baughman) and prepared by your mentor and co-signed your division chief or department chair. Please address the review criteria listed above for the applicant, mentor and the proposal.

3) Research Proposal (4 pages) (references and illustrations not included in the page total)Include project title; hypothesis, background and rationale; specific aims; research design and methods; significance to translational cancer research;

4) CV with current AND pending other funding (include sponsor, term of funding, amount)

Selection Process
Your proposal will be review by the Stanford Cancer Institute internal review committee. That committee will select the applicant to represent the university by the sponsor's Feb. 3, 2014 deadline.

Questions? Contact person

Denise Baughman
Project Manager
Stanford Cancer Institute
Stanford, CA 94305
t 650-724-9547



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