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United States Army Medical Research and Materiel Command (USAMRMC)
Broad Agency Announcement for Extramural Medical Research

This webpage contains the DoD USAMRMC BAA for Extramural Research for Stanford faculty with PI eligiiblity.

Guidelines: Download PDF file >> pdf file

Pre-proposal/pre-applications may be submitted at any time prior to the BAA closing date. See instructions on page 2 and 3 and 26 of the guidelines.
Full proposals: Invited full proposal/applications should be submitted within 90 days of the invitation via
BAA closing date: Sept. 30, 2014

faculty with PI eligibility (with UTL, MCL, and NTL-Research appts.) and CE faculty (with an approved PI waiver)

Amount of funding:
Amount not specified for topic areas #1-8. Budget should be commensurate with the nature and complexity of the proposed research and include direct and indirect costs.)
Topic #9: Innovation funds generally range from $100,000 to $500,000 per project and are for a limited period of performance, generally eighteen months or less.
Cost sharing is not required.
Note: funding has not yet be set aside for the BAA.

Nine Research Areas of Interest


1. Military Infectious Diseases Research Program
Areas of interest include:


2. Combat Casualty Care Research Program
Research efforts are needed in:


3. Military Operational Medicine Research Program
Focus areas:


4. Clinical and Rehabilitative Medicine Research Program
Research areas:


5. Medical Biological Defense Research Program
Provides medical countermeasures for biological warfare agents. The priorities of the program are:


6. Medical Chemical Defense Research Program
The fundamental orientation of the program is to protect U.S. forces from the effects of chemical warfare agents by:
developing protective, pretreatment, and prophylactic products


7. Medical Training and Health Information Sciences Research Program


8. Radiation Health Effects Research Program
Focus areas:


9. Special Investment Areas/Innovation Funding
Examples of topics:

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