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Stanford Center for Cancer Nanotechnology Excellence and Translation (CCNE-T)
Pilot Projects

**An Internal funding opportunity for established Stanford investigators with UTL, MCL or NTLR faculty appointments**

This webpage contains the 2014 RFP for your reference only.

Deadline: TBA (see "Submitting an Application" below)

Amount of Funding/Budget Information:
We will fund up to 2 pilot projects at $25,000 each.

Applicants may request $25,000 in total direct costs for a 1-year duration of the supplemental Pilot Projects under this program.

Up to 2 applicants may be selected for funding. Each Pilot Project will be a 1-year duration project and continuation of a project beyond its first year will be contingent upon the success of the previous year.
Once all required documents are received, the selected candidates will have a funding period from 8/1/2014* – 7/31/2015. *Please see #3 Detailed Budget section.

Any investigator with PI Eligibility at Stanford (those with UTL, MCL, and NTL-Research appointments.
All applications, regardless of their past or present relationship to CCNE-T, will undergo the same level of scrutiny before being identified as an appropriate Pilot Project.


The Center for Cancer Nanotechnology Excellence and Translation (CCNE-T), a U54 grant funded by NIH/NCI, is soliciting new Pilot Projects from established investigators. The vision of CCNE-T is to bring together researchers from various disciplines to form synergistic teams that will make significant advances in developing and validating nanotechnology that will impact cancer diagnosis, therapy and management.
Members of these teams will include trainees that will gain access to a highly multidisciplinary experience, and who will become well equipped to establish independent, multidisciplinary research programs.

The ideal project topics mainly include those that have a high potential for linking nanotechnology to diagnostic/theranostic devices, point-of-care and/or bedside in-vitro diagnostics, single cell analysis platforms, personalized medicine approaches with nano components, tumor-mimetic tissue engineering and cancer modeling, or to pre-clinical imaging models for improved cancer patient management.  The development of portable imaging and theranostic approaches are also highly desired as the Center has significant expertise in imaging probe and instrumentation development.

The focus of CCNE-T is not on cancer therapeutics or experimental drugs, hence, project proposals with single focus area of therapeutics are not suitable for this solicitation. Equipment-only requests are also not good fits for this solicitation.

Applicants are welcome to discuss their research plans in response to this solicitation
with Dr. Demir Akin (

If selected and funded

Funding is contingent upon receipt of all required documents and protocols, hence, verification of approved protocols must be submitted to Billie Robles at the Department of Radiology. An interim and yearly progress report in NIH format will also be due to Billie Robles.  The due dates will be provided upon selection of applicants. Attendances to several CCNE meetings are required to show progress of project.  In addition, a presentation of progress is required for the annual NCI site visit, which is held sometime in early 2015.  

Submitting an Application

By DATE TBA, please submit one PDF file containing the following in the order listed below (1-4) via email to:
Billie Robles
Department Radiology

File name: Last name_CCNE-T_pilot_projects.pdf

Institutional representatives: not applicable for internal funding opportunities.

1) Title Page-use the template provided:
Download Title Page Template Word

2) Research Proposal: Three pages (not counting references, budget, budget justification
and biosketches) description of proposed research, including the following:
Research plan.
Description of research subjects involved (human or animal).
Description of interdisciplinary characteristics of this project as how it will utilize the CCNE-T
Explanation of how the proposed research will link with the existing CCNE-T Projects [see the
CCNE-T website at

3) Detailed budgets

$25,00 in total direct costs at applicable rates
Estimated budget period: 8/1/14-07/31/15.
The budget period must end 07/31/15.
Please note: you do not have to have your RPM prepare your budget. Any device/technology
development that occurred from 8/1/2013 until now can be covered by the funds, as long as the
proposed research utilizes those platforms directly in 2015.

4) Budget Justification (1 page, NIH format)

5) Biosketch (4-page NIH format) for the Project Leader and Co-Investigators

6) Other Support (also NIH format). Please include both active and pending support

Selection Process:
The CCNE-T Executive Council will review and recommend action on all Pilot Project applications. You will receive a notification of our selection by Friday, October 31, 2014.

Note: the release of funds after selection will be contingent upon verification by CCNE-T
of the recipient's human subject, SCRO, and animal subject approvals and compliance
with other administrative issues.







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