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AXA Research Fund
Postdoctoral Fellowship

***Limited funding opportunity for postdoctoral fellows with Ph.D. degrees---an internal selection process.***

NOTE: Stanford was not invited to submit an application in 2013. Therefore, this webpage is for reference only. Stanford will submit another request in 2014 to be considered for their next round.

Internal deadline: 2013 To be determined, 4 p.m. (see internal submission guidelines at the end of this message)
Institutional nomination deadline: 2013 TBA
Sponsor's application deadline: 2013 TBA

The program guidelines can be downloaded by clicking on the "Postdoctoral Fellowships" click under "Modus Operandi 2012" on the sponsor's webpage >>.
The sponsor guidelines are ONLY for your reference. Please follow the internal submission guidelines at the bottom of this webpage.

# of applicants permitted: up to 2 (see internal submission guidelines below)


Note: The sponsor does not place restrictions on the nationality of the applicant if candidates wishing to do a Post-Doc in an institution established in one of the member states of the European Union, one of the countries associated to the EU within the meaning of the 7th Framework Programme of the EU (FP7, i.e.Switzerland, Israel, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Turkey, Croatia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Serbia, Albania and Montenegro) or in in Asia (Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, India), or in Latin American (Brazil and Mexico). However, the applicant must contact the institution in that member state, find a faculty advisor, and ultimately be selected as one of the applicants to represent that other institution's two applicants.

Amount of funding:
120,000 Euros for 24 months.

Required Themes
The themes for 2012 (see pages 6 & 7 of the guidelines for additional information)

What the AXA Research Fund does not fund

Selection Criteria:
The principal criteria used to make a scientific and academic assessment of the applications submitted are listed below:


By DATE TO BE DETERMINED., please submit one PDF containing the following (in the order listed below) via email to:
Jeanne Heschele
Research Management Group
Phone: 650-245-2351.

1) Title page
Title of this RFA: AXA Research Fund Postdoctoral Fellowships
Your Project title:
2012 Topic Category: Life Risks, Socio Economic Risks, Environmental Risks
Name of postdoctoral fellow and contact information: Current department, address, email, phone #
Current citizenship:
Name, title, department of your faculty advisor

2) Nomination letter prepared and signed by your faculty advisor (mentor) and co-signed by your division chief (if applicable) OR your department chair, printed on your department letterhead and addressed to Dr. Peter Sarnow, Chair, Awards Committee. This letter confirms your position here at Stanford and that you meet the citizenship requirement. This letter should address the selection criteria mentioned above.

3) Four page research proposal (references and illustrations are not included in the page total) Reminder-your research must be in one of 2012 themes listed above.

4) CV

Selection Process:
The proposals from all eligible Stanford postdoctoral fellows will be reviewed by the School of Medicine Awards Committee members. Applicants outside the School of Medicine will receive equitable consideration in this internal selection process, and where appropriate, applications may be reviewed by the corresponding committee in the Office of the Dean of Research. Up to two applicants will be selected to represent Stanford for the March 29, 2012 deadline.



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