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Internal Proposal Deadlines

Memo regarding internal proposal deadlines

Addendum clarifying the "5-day internal proposal deadline"

Date:     April 17, 2006

To:               All Principal Investigators

From:          Arthur Bienenstock, Dean of Research and Graduate Policy and
                    Anne Hannigan, Associate Vice President for Research Administration


As you may know, the federal government is in the process of implementing its new electronic proposal submission system, Grants.Gov. In addition, many private funding agencies are moving toward electronic submissions. Over the past few months, the Office of Sponsored Research (OSR), the Research Management Group (RMG), and the Engineering Research Administration (ERA) have experienced significant problems with these electronic research administration systems. Stanford has had several electronic proposals rejected for missing agency deadlines, as well as some "near-misses". Unless we make changes to our current practices, the frequency of these difficulties is expected to increase as more and more agencies migrate to electronic proposal submission.

Your department/school staff as well as your institutional representative
[Office of Sponsored Research staff , Engineering Research Administration staff or School of Medicine Research Management Group staff] need adequate time to review and approve proposal submissions. This is particularly critical in the case of electronic submissions, where a variety of technical difficulties arise in addition to normal review issues.

Effective June 1st, a copy of the complete and final proposal accompanied by a signed SU-42 must be submitted to your institutional representative at least 5 full working days in advance of the sponsors due date. This requirement applies both to proposals that will be submitted electronically as well as those being submitted on paper. The five day lead time does not include the time required by your local unit/department/school for their review.  Please note, a complete proposal includes the final scope of work and administrative components of the proposal including all required documentation from proposed subrecipients in accordance with Chapter 3.7, Subawards of the Research Policy Handbook.

Proposals submitted with fewer than 5 days lead time must be accompanied by an explanation of why the proposal was not able to be submitted in a timely manner, and will require special approval from a Director of the applicable preaward office (OSR/rmg/ERA). Although we will continue to make every effort to submit all proposals by their deadlines, we cannot guarantee that proposals submitted with fewer than five days lead time will be able to be submitted in time to meet an agency's stated deadline. Proposals submitted with adequate lead time will be given review priority over late submissions. Unless an agency specifies an earlier time in the day for electronic submissions, we will plan to submit no later than the close of the regular business day of the day it is due, regardless of whether a later "time stamp" is technically permitted by the agency.

We recognize that this represents a major shift from current practice, and are writing to request your assistance in informing investigators and staff, as well as adjusting your own business practices, to accommodate this change.

Should you have any questions, please contact the institutional representative from OSR, RMG, or ERA staff member(s) serving your area.

A website devoted to Grants.Gov at Stanford is available to provide guidance for submitting proposals via Grants.Gov.


Addressed to Principal Investigators:

This is in follow up to the “New Internal Deadlines” memo dated April 17, 2006 from Dean of Research, Arthur Bienenstock and Associate Vice President for Research Administration, Anne Hannigan. We’d like to provide you with some clarification and guidance for dealing with this new requirement.

All proposals received fewer than 5 working days before their deadline must be reviewed for an exception to policy. A proposal being submitted through will rarely be granted an exception to this policy. (see note below)

An “Approved Exception” to policy means that the Director has agreed that its office will review and submit the proposal in time to meet the agency’s published deadline despite the shortened time frame. The Director may impose conditions on their approval (e.g., the administrative shell must be submitted by 4 days in advance of the deadline and the science 2 days in advance; or the office will review the proposal only for compliance elements and not grantsmanship elements) and may move proposals to “unapproved” status if the conditions are subsequently not met. Directors will convey the results of their review and any conditions or consequences for failing to meet the conditions to PIs, departmental administrators, and the institutional official.

An “Unapproved Exception” means that the proposal will be reviewed by the preaward office however, we cannot guarantee that the proposal will be reviewed and endorsed in time to meet the agency’s deadline. Directors will convey the results of their review as quickly as possible to PIs, departmental administrators, and the institutional official. In these instances we will encourage PIs to contact the sponsor to request approval for a late submission.

NOTE : NIH SNAP-eligible proposals (paper or electronic) may be received 2 working days prior to the deadline. Late submissions for these types of proposals do not require an exception to policy however, it should be noted that the institutional official may not be able to meet the NIH SNAP submission deadline without 2 full working days.


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