Research Management Group (RMG)

Research Process Manager (RPM) Assignments

Department of Bioengineering

Temporary RPM Coverage - Faculty Assignment List for Grants and Contracts:

RPM:    Sharon Collum   650-721-1813
RPM Associate:   Maria Benensohn   650-498-7891

RPM:    Julie Golding   650-736-9064
RPM Associate: Nick Steinberg 650-725-4307

RPM:    Vivian Leung   650-721-1214
RPM Associate: Martha Galvez 650-723-0132

Faculty RPM
Altman, Russ Sharon Collum
Barron, Annelise Sharon Collum
Pelc, Norbert Sharon Collum
Quake, Stephen Sharon Collum
Smolke, Christina Sharon Collum
Swartz, Jim Sharon Collum
Wang, Bo Sharon Collum
Camarillo, David Julie Golding
Covert, Markus Julie Golding
Deisseroth, Karl Julie Golding
Endy, Drew Julie Golding
Prakash, Manu Julie Golding
Qi, Lei Stanley Julie Golding
Riedel-Kruse, Ingmar Julie Golding
Yock, Paul Julie Golding
Boahen, Kwabena Vivian Leung
Bryant, Zev Vivian Leung
Cochran, Jennifer Vivian Leung
Delp, Scott Vivian Leung
Huang, Kerwyn Vivian Leung
Liphardt, Jan Vivian Leung


























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