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This webpage contains the information from a recent NIH notice >> that the NIH will strictly enforce its closeout polices.

For instructions regarding submitting the following reports in Commons:

NIH Enforcement of closeout policies

NIH Enforcement of Closeout Policies
Notice Number: NOT-OD-18-107
Release Date: November 30, 2017
Notice webpage:

The NIH closeout policy requires the PI to submit a Final Technical Report and Final Invention Report. The University submits a Final Financial Report. All final reports must be submitted within 120-days after the grant end date.The NIH will now strictly enforce grant closeout policies. If the reports are delinquent, NIH could take action that includes withholding ALL payments on NIH awards to Stanford. Under this new policy, a PI must submit a prior approval request to NIH if he/she anticipates the final reports will not be completed within 120 days.


  • NIH allows 120 days to closeout an award. 

  • NIH will send 3 email reminders to PI to complete final reports.

  • Days 1 – 105 RPM follows up with PI to complete final reports by the deadline.

  • Day 106 (approximately 2 weeks prior to due date):  Escalate to the Director. 

  • 121 NIH considers the report overdue.

NIH Final Research Performance Progress Report (F-RPPR) in Commons


Final Research Performance Progress Report
Submitting Your Final Research Performance Progress Report (F-RPPR) in Commons

Download the PDF file



NIH Final Invention Statement (FIS)


Final Invention Statement (FIS)

Submitting Your Final Invention Statement (FIS) in Commons
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