Lab Members

Name: Sandy Napel, PhD
Title: Principal Investigator
Research interest: Volumetric Visualization, Quantitative Imaging, Imaging Genomics, Content-based Medical Image Retrieval
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Name: Shaimaa Bakr
Title: Graduate Student in Electrical Engineering
Research interest: Medical Imaging, Image Processing
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Name: Dev Gude
Title: Research Software Developer; QIFP Project
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Name: Sarah Mattonen
Title: Postdoctoral Associate
Research interest: Radiomics, Radiogenomics
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Name: Akshay Jaggi
Title: Undergraduate Student
Research interest: Medicine, Radiology, Computer Software
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Name: Chris Beaulieu
Title: Professor of Radiology, Chief of Musculoskeletal Imaging
Degree: MD/PhD
Research Interest: Three dimensional computer graphics representation of, medical imaging data, including clinical applications of virtual, colonoscopy and arthroscopy; interactive MRI evaluation of joint, motion.
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Name: Olivier Gevaert
Title: Assistant Professor of Medicine - Biomedical Informatics Research
Degree: PhD
Research Interest: Biomedical data fusion: the development of machine learning methods for biomedical decision support using multi-scale biomedical data. Previously we pioneered data fusion work using Bayesian and kernel methods studying breast and ovarian cancer.
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Name: Nishita Kothary
Title: Associate Professor of Radiology
Degree: MD
Research Interest: Gastrointestinal and Hepatic Oncology
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Name: Ann Leung
Title: Professor of Radiology, Diagnostic Radiology, Chief of Thoracic Imaging
Degree: MD
Research Interest: High-resolution computed tomography of the thorax, particularly its application in the setting of acute lung disease in the immunocompromised host; quantitative assessment of abnormalities, using spiral CT; and enhancement characteristics of lung cancers on, CT and MRI
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Name: Viswam (Vish) S. Nair
Title: Instructor, Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine
Degree: MD, MS
Research Interest: Biomarkers of Lung Cancer, including radiomics, radiogenomics, and blood-based.
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Name: Sylvia Plevritis
Title: Professor of Radiology, co-Director of IBIIS
Degree: Ph.D.
Research Interest: My research program focuses on computational modeling of cancer biology and cancer outcomes.
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Name: Daniel Rubin
Title: Associate Professor of Radiology
Degree: Ph.D.
Research Interest: Content Based Image Retrieval in Radiology, Computer Aided Decision Support, Ontologies and Semantic Web, Natural Language Processing and Information Extraction. 
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Name: Joseph Shrager
Title: Professor of Cardiothoracic Surgery
Degree: PhD
Research Interest: The impact of disease states upon the diaphragm.
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Name: Elizabeth Colvin
Title: Administrative Associate                                                                                                                                            
Contact: (650) 724-9286
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Name: Sofia Gonzales
Title: SCIT Program Manager                                             
Contact: (650) 724-9139
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Name: Theresa McCann-Packer
Title: CCSB/CSBS/IBIIS Program Manager                                    
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Name: Ramzi Totah
Title: CCSB/CSBS/IBIIS Program Coordinator  

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Sandy Napel
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Elizabeth Colvin
Administrative Associate
(650) 724-9286
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3D and Quantitative Imaging Lab
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Sofia Gonzales
SCIT Program Manager
(650) 724-9139
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Name Degree Thesis Area Department Year School of Origin
As of Feb. 2016
H. Christian Davidson M. D./ M. S. Picture Archiving for Radiology Medical Informatics 1991-93 U. of Utah Clinical Professor, Radiology and Imaging Sciences, University of Utah
Sam Song Ph. D. Velocity estimation from Phase Contrast MRI Electrical Engineering 1991-94 UCLA Chief Technology Officer at TeleSecurity Sciences, Inc
Thilaka Sumanaweera Ph. D. Segmentation and Distortion Correction in Medical Imaging   1992-96 Stanford University Employee, Apple
Smadar Shiffman Ph. D. Segmentation of Blood Vessels for CT Angiography Medical Informatics 1992-99 Tel Aviv University Image-Based Medical Device Consultant, Eilat Consulting 
Philippe G. Lacroute Ph. D. Fast Volume Rendering Using a Shear-Warp Factorization of the Viewing Transform Electrical Engineering 1993-95 Cornell UG, Stanford MS Software Engineer, Skyport Systems
Chye H. Yan Ph. D. Serial Registration of CT Scans for Quantitative Applications Electrical Engineering 1994-98 Stanford University Deputy Director, Electronic Systems Division, DSO National Laboratories, Singapore
Shin Y. Yen Ph. D. Resolution in Spiral CT and Volume Visualization of Medical Images Electrical Engineering 1994-99 Stanford University Consultant, San Diego
David Paik Ph. D. Virtual Colonoscopy — Visualization, Path Planning, CAD Medical Informatics 1996-02 Stanford University Director of Imaging Science, Elucid Bioimaging
Consulting Assistant Professor, Stanford University
Grant M. Stevens Ph. D. Volumetric Tomographic Imaging Biophysics 1999-00 North Carolina State University Image Quality Architect, GE Healthcare
Kenneth Wang Ph. D. Level Set Methods for Computational Prototyping with Applications to Hemodynamic Modeling Mechanical Engineering 1999-01 Stanford University Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of Maryland School of Medicine
Radiologist, Baltimore VA Medical Center
Co-Founder, DexNote, LLC
Burak Acar Ph. D. CAD of Colonic Polyps, Lung Nodules Radiology 1999-02 Bilkent University, Turkey Assoc. Professor, E.E., Bogazici U., Turkey
Burak Gokturk Ph. D. Shape Recognition with Application to Medical Imaging Computer Science 1999-02 Bogazici University, Turkey CTO, Riya, Inc.
Engineering Director, Google Shopping, Google, Inc.
Raghav Raman Ph. D. Vascular Visualization and Quantitation Radiology 1999-03 U. of Aukland Adjunct Clinical Instructor, Stanford School of Medicine
Radiologist, Physicians Medical Group of San Jose, CA
Feng Zhuge Ph. D. Quantification of structures in volumetric data Electrical Engineering 1999-06 Stanford University Software Engineer, Houzz
Ping Li M. S. Virtual Colonoscopy Supine and Prone Matching, CAD Computer Science 2001-03 Hunan University Assoc. Professor, Statistics and Computer Science, Rutgers U.
Padma Sundaram Ph. D.  Virtual Colonoscopy CAD Electrical Engineering 2001-07 Stanford University Research Scientist, Harvard Medical School
Michel Bilello Ph. D. CAD for Liver Lesions CS/Radiology 2002-03 Stanford University Asst. Professor, Radiology, U. of Pennsylvania
Anthony Sherbondy Ph. D. Advanced Visualization, Segmentation, CAD Electrical Engineering 2002-08 Pennsylvania State Author
Tejas Rakshe Ph. D. Vascular Visualization Electrical Engineering 2002-08 Stanford University Senior Process Engineer, PTD Yield, Intel Corp.
Joyoni Dey Ph. D. Interventional Room of the Future; registration, Human-computer interaction Radiology 2003-05 Carnegie Mellon Univ. Assistant Professor, Physics & Astronomy, Louisianna State University
Rong (Cindy) Shi Ph. D. Virtual Colonoscopy Radiology 2003-07 Shanghai Second Medical Univ. Internal Medicine MD, Internal Medicine Associates, Scripps Health
Shaohua Sun Ph. D. CAD lung and other cancer Electrical Engineering 2003-07 Tsinghua University Software Engineer, Google
Markus Kukuk Ph. D. Advanced interventional visualization/registration Radiology 2003-08 Univ. of Dortmund, Germany Professor of Computer Science, University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Dortmund, Germany
Joong Ho Won Ph. D. Vascular Visualization Electrical Engineering 2004-09 Seoul National University Assistant Professor, School of Industrial Management Engineering, Korea University, Seoul, Korea. 
Gennadiy Chuyeshov M. S. 2D/3D registration for interventional applications Computational and Mathematical Engineering 2006-08 Karazin Kharkiv Nat’l Univ., Ukraine Senior Software Engineer, Netflix
David Olsen Ph. D. Lung nodule simulation School of Medicine 2006-07    
Ushah K. K. Reddi M. S. Virtual colonoscopy Computer Science 2006-08 Indian Institute Of Information Technology Software Development Engineer,
David Tran M. D. Vascular quantitation School of Medicine 2006-09 Stanford University Interventional Radiology Fellow, UCSF Medical Center
Jessica Faruque Ph. D. Perception of Image Similarity, CBIR Systems Electrical Engineering 2007-14 Cal Poly San Luis Obisbo Senior Data Scientist, Cytovale, Inc.
Jingyu Cui Ph. D. Content-based image retrieval Electrical Engineering 2008-10 Tsinghua University Software Engineer, Google
Jiajing Xu Ph. D. Quantitative Imaging Electrical Engineering 2009-13 Stanford University Software Engineer, Pinterest
Stephen Chu M.S. Quantitative Imaging Computer Science 2016 Stanford University Software Engineer, Rubrik, Inc.
Austin Ray B.S. Machine Learning Chemical Engineering 2016 Stanford University Software Engineer,
Huafei Wang M.S. Machine Learning Electrical Engineering and Aeronautics & Astronautics 2016 Stanford University Software Engineer, Yelp
Karim Lekadir Ph.D. Image Analysis, Machine Learning Radiology 2016 Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona, Spain Assistant Professor
Sebastian Echegaray
PhD Quantitative Imaging, Image feature extraction and comparison Electrical Engineering   Stanford University  
Sheryl John
PhD Machine Learning Radiology   Stanford University  

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