Obtaining Data for Educational Purposes

If the only purpose to which you plan to put the clinical data set you are asking for is to teach a class or otherwise instruct or educate, we can furnish you with anonymized data with nothing more than your attestation that you will treat the data with respect, keep it on encrypted computers, not re-distribute it to anyone else, and not use it for any other purpose than the educational purpose stated in your application.

Complete your Data Privacy & Security Obligations Attestation

Before we can supply you with any data for your educational agenda you need to agree to a set of obligations regarding data privacy and security.



As a courtesy to our consultation service team you will be prompted for the pertinent Case Number to complete this form; this is so we can track your request and the fact that we released data to you. If you are already in contact with RIC your case number typically appears in the subject line of the email. If you are not yet in contact with RIC you can reach us using this online consultation request form.

Please note that if there is any chance that the data might be used for research in addition to education, the (much stricter) research compliance processes pertain.