Obtaining de-identified data for research

If your research does not require any of the 18 HIPAA identifiers (which include dates and zip codes), the compliance process is relatively simple. 

Obtain a Determination or Protocol

To submit a Determination of Human Subject Research form in eProtocol, go to the Stanford's eProtocol website and select "Create a Protocol" on the My Dashboard webpage. After completing the requested information, select "Human Subject Research (HSR)" as the type of review. Complete the application and attach the Human Subject Research (HSR) Determination Form for review.

Alternatively, you can cite an existing IRB protocol rather than a determination when completing your attestation. 

Complete a Data Privacy Attestation

In order to obtain clinical data for research purposes from RIC, you must first agree to a set of obligations regarding data privacy and security. The Data Privacy Attestation references your determination or protocol, because we are not only advising you of your data privacy and security obligations, we are also documenting the fact that you have notified the IRB of your research study plans.



Congratulations, you're done!

That’s it! Once we have your completed attestation with an attached copy of your determination from the IRB, you can use anonymized data for your research project.

Please remember that you are not permitted to redistribute the data set to other researchers for their research, nor are you permitted to use this data yourself for a different research project. The permissions to use the data are tied to the research project described in your NHS research determination.