Survey Tools


REDCap Survey is a user-friendly survey building platform that is fully integrated with your research study data. Using REDCap as a survey platform offers the researcher maximum flexibility with regard to managing and analysing survey results. REDCap now supports NIH PROMIS Computer Adaptive Test (CAT) instruments as well as normal (sequential) surveying. To get started go to


Qualtrics is a commercial survey builder that offers a wider range of question types than any of the other solutions. Like REDCap it is self service and email based. Results can be downloaded as a comma separated value file for integration into a SAS data set for analysis. To get started go to


The Collaborative Health Outcomes Information Registry (CHOIR) system is designed to run in clinic, allowing front desk personnel to rapidly assess whether the patient who is approaching them needs to be issued with an iPad in order to complete the pre-visit questionnaire because they failed to do so at home. The system manages automatically emailing patients in advance of upcoming clinic appointments as well as permitting front desk staff to rapidly but securely launch new assessments and print summary reports for the providers. CHOIR contains a local implementation of the NIH PROMIS engine for significantly faster response times than available on the REDCap platform.