Data Sharing

The term "data sharing" can mean many different things, and in the context of medical research data is always understood to imply "secure, HIPAA-compliant data sharing".

If you are looking to meet the data sharing requirements of a journal such as PLOS-One, we recommend you either use the Stanford Digital Repository or join the Harvard Dataverse at  For more information on the Stanford Digital Repository see; for more information on the Harvard Dataverse see

If you are looking for something simpler, Research IT in conjunction with IRT offer a suite of tools and services to enable compliant sharing of research data, both with internal and external collaborators.

External Collaboration

While secure email (an email with the keyword secure: in the subject line) is always an option, for large files we recommend you use a web service rather than e-mail, if only as a courtesy to your recipient, since large attachments can clutter up mail accounts.


REDCap ( contains a tool for securely sending files to external collaborators, available from the top level tab bar. Just click on the Send-It tab to get started. If you don't see the Send-It option available, click on My Projects to get back the main menu.

Med Secure Send

IRT offers an online tool for securely sending large files to external collaborators at

Internal Collaboration

Stanford Medicine Box

Stanford Medicine has a PHI-approved instance of Box running at This online document repository is available to all faculty, staff, students and healthcare providers affiliated with Stanford Medicine. This should not be confused with the Box instance run by the University, which is not approved to store PHI.

MedWiki and MedWiki-Secure

IRT runs a Wiki for Stanford Medicine at For more information see