Cohort Discovery Tool

Use this tool to find out how many Stanford patients match a particular clinical phenotype, and learn more about this set of patients. Only aggregated, approximate results are provided so this can be used in the preparatory to research phase. For example, you might determine whether there are enough patients to justify a particular study.

Many search criteria are available for defining cohorts, including structured data (diagnosis and procedure codes, drug classes and ingredients, etc.), unstructured clinical notes, and temporal (time-based) constraints. Counts and visualizations are available for each cohort you define, and you can compare multiple cohorts.

If you need to study a cohort in more detail, save it within the tool, and you can request to review the individual patient charts in the Chart Review Tool or as a custom data extract. This requires Stanford IRB approval for your research project, of course, but we can help guide you through the process.

Try It Out

You must be on the Stanford physical network or Virtual Private Network (VPN) to access this tool, and you must have an appropriate role within the School of Medicine.

If you encounter problems or have ideas for improvements, please let us know!

Terms of Use

Users of the Cohort Discovery Tool acknowledge that:

  • This system was not designed, nor is it intended, to support any aspect of patient care and its use for any patient care purposes is prohibited.
  • The results returned by this system may not be distributed outside of Stanford University Medical Center.
  • All searches executed within the system are recorded and will be examined, as part of routine compliance audits. The identity of the user is recorded along with information related to each search executed.
  • No person registered as a user of the system may share his/her login information with any other person for purposes of accessing this system. Only registered users who are Stanford faculty or Academic Staff may use the system.