Research Computing at Stanford

Following two organizations provide direct support for research computing on campus. Researcher can sign up on existing managed clusters and access large number of servers and petascale storage systems. Typical cost of use ranges from free to nominal. 

These systems do not support PHI or High Risk Data. If neither of the Centers can support your research computing needs, please connect with research IT.

Stanford Research Computing Center (SRCC)

Stanford researchers can access research computing facilities via Standord Research Computing Center (SRCC). The Center manages over 15 petabytes of data and over 10,000 researchers across a number of computing facilities. One of the largest system available to Stanford research community is Sherlock located at Stanford Research Computing Facility (SRCF) at Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC).

Sherlock is a shared compute cluster available for use by all Stanford faculty and their research teams. As of August 2017 Sherlock consists of 854 compute nodes, 16,500 CPU cores, 628 GPUs and 900 TFlops of computing power used by 434 Principal Investigators and their 2,514 researchers.


Genetics Bioinformatics Service Center (GBSC)

Genetics Bioinformatics Service Center offers on-premise cluster (managed by SRCC) and Google Cloud computing facility to over 100 faculty members and 800 researchers. The services cater to  petasacle multi-omics research. Housed at SRCF, GBSC offers powerful servers, petascale high performance storage, a supercomputer, help with bioinformatics analysis, a comprehensive software stack, and support for medium risk data.

The team is at the frontier of Cloud computing (Google, Azure) and can also introduce you to other third party Cloud computing options like DNAnexus, or Seven Bridges Genomics.

Other storage facilities at Stanford for research use

Following storage systems are available to all Stanford researchers. If these do not meet your needs, please connect with Research IT.

Stanford Box for data and document storage

Stanford provides unlimited storage (each file size is limited to 5GB) to researchers. SoM researchers have access to secure Box (safe for high risk or PHI data).

While the typical use case is document management, many researchers are using for data storage as well. Note that it is a storage system and while it offers versioning and sharing capabilites, it does not offer compute capabilities.

Secure Filesystem

Stanford University IT offers a secure filesystem suitable for high risk data. It is based on NetApp distributed filesystem and can be operated upon from a secure endpoint. 

Google Drive for document collaboration

Stanford University researchers have access to unlimited storage on Google Drive. To access this correctly, researcher should sign on using their sunetid and password (single sign on).

This storage is not suitable for high risk or PHI data. Common use case is document management and collaboration.