The Collaborative Health Outcomes Information Registry (CHOIR) is a system to survey patients electronically, either at home prior to their appointment or in clinic while waiting to be roomed. Results of these self-assessments are presented to the clinician in a print-ready, easily understood PDF document. Summary results of repeated measures are graphed, showing patient progress over the course of treatment.

Clinic staff can access CHOIR through a secure and easy to use administrative console to see the status of patients as they check in, and take appropriate actions such as enrolling the patient, initiating a survey on a tablet, or printing results.

CHOIR is designed to be used in conjunction with SmartForms in Epic; the assumption is that the EMR will capture all clinical intervention, CHOIR will capture the patient’s responses to treatment, and outcomes can be measured by integrating the two structured data sets.

CHOIR originated at the Stanford Pain Management Center and is actively used to track patient progress and outcomes for chronic pain patients. The software is being made available at no charge to other institutions interested in using it and collaborating to improve it over time. Full source code access is provided, and we are building a community for mutual support and developing new capabilities.

For more information on the survey instruments and presentation of results, see