Obtaining Data for HIPAA “Preparatory to Research” Activities

If you are still trying to assess the feasibility of a proposed research study, we’re happy to give you data in support of your assessment, after you have signed a prep-to-research data privacy attestation. 

Complete your Obligations Attestation

Before we supply you with any data in support of preparatory to research activities  you need to agree to a set of obligations regarding data privacy and security.



As a courtesy to our consultation service team you will be prompted for the pertinent SCCI Case Number to complete this form; this is so we can track your research project and offer better support should you decide to pursue the study. If you are already in contact with SCCI your case number typically appears in the subject line of the email. If you are not yet in contact with SCCI you can reach us using this online consultation request form.

Please note that if you do decide to engage in the research, you must complete the appropriate compliance process from start to finish. We cannot re-use your prep-to-research obligations attestation for the actual research data request, as some of the data privacy obligation statements will change and new ones will be introduced, and there will be additional documentation steps that must be completed once the intent is to use the data for research.