Enabling data driven research

Research IT exists to supply infrastructure, tools, and services used by researchers, patients/participants, and clinicians to collect and combine data to make discoveries and to improve human health and wellness.

We enable you to build learning healthcare systems

We provide common infrastructure, and consultation services

ResearchIT is responsible for several of Stanford's centralized infrasructure like Stanford's Clinical Data Warehouse and research data management platform like REDCap. Aside from such infrastructure components, Research IT offers a confidential consulting service to Stanford University and Stanford University Medical Center researchers on topics related to data privacy & security, clinical data access for research purposes, research data management, biospecimen data management, research alerting and general informatics issues. Consultants review the clinical data needs of your research project, provide advice on requesting IRB approval to obtain clinical data from the Clinical Data Warehouse and discuss options for clinical data abstraction, reporting and storage to meet your research needs.

We encourage researchers to contact us as early as possible in the design phase of a research project and preferably well in advance of IRB submission. Request a consultation now.

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