Rathmann Foundation E4C Medical Education Fellowship in Patient-Centered Care

The Office of Medical Education (OME) launched the fellowship program, Rathmann Foundation E4C Medical Education Fellowship in Patient-Centered Care in 2010, as part of an effort to support Stanford faculty, fellows, and chief residents in the pursuit of further study and activities focused on the promotion of patient-centered care in medical education.

Program Activities

Each year, 1-4 fellows are selected to develop a rigorous research project focused on the promotion of patient-centered care in medical education including instructional design, curriculum development, or evaluation.  Alternatively, individuals may have topical areas of focus, such as clinical skills, compassion and humanism, or professionalism. Each fellow will receive part-time salary support and work with OME medical education research experts to develop a specific program of research tailored to his or her research interest.

The program will provide funding for protected time for one year to support participation in weekly Medical Education Fellows' Seminar covering theory and methods in medical education research, under the supervision of the program’s faculty directors and Research Scholars, and development and conduct of a scholarly project in medical education related to patient-centered care.  The fellow will participate in the Educators-4-C.A.R.E. (E4C) program, serving as a mentored preceptor with selected E4C faculty in educational activities that are part of the E4C program. 

The program provides $50,000 in salary support for one year, plus up to $5,000 in project support for the fellow’s project.

During the program, fellows will:

    • Receive $50,000 in salary support for one year
    • Receive $5,000 in project support for the fellow’s project
    • Participate in weekly Rathmann Fellows’ Seminar
    • Teach in Educators-4-CARE program (E4C)
    • Participate in E4C summer faculty development activities
    • Receive close mentorship from OME research experts to:
      • Design appropriate initial studies
      • Plan subsequent research
      • Apply for funding for their research program
      • Respond to review committee comments on their application


Eligibility: all Stanford faculty (with UTL, MCL, NTLR with teaching responsibilities, and CE** faculty appointments), fellows, or chief resident.

**CE faculty do not need CE faculty PI waivers.

The proposals are submitted directly to the Rathmann Family Medical Education Committee. You DO NOT have to submit your proposals through the Research Process Manager (RPM) in the Research Management Group (RMG) for their approval.

How to Apply

Not accepting applications at this time.


For inquiries, please contact:

Lars Osterberg, MD, MPH

Associate Professor (Teaching) of Medicine

Director, Educators-4-CARE

E-mail: larso@stanford.edu


About Educators-4-C.A.R.E

The Educators-4-C.A.R.E. program, launched in 2008, formally recognizes the critical importance of mentors and clinical teachers by providing tangible support to a cadre of skilled and dedicated teachers of the practice of medicine. As the name implies, the Educators-4-CARE program prepares students to internalize core values of the profession – Compassion, Advocacy, Responsibility, and Empathy – from the beginning and throughout medical school. Seventeen program faculty are supported for time to serve as teachers and mentors for a small number of students (~6) from each medical school class. After intense faculty development in principles and practice of patient-centered care, the E4C faculty formally teach bedside clinical skills to preclinical students as part of the Practice of Medicine course. In addition to these regular sessions, E4C faculty meet with their students from all years on a bimonthly basis, in the Doctoring with C.A.R.E. sessions. These interludes allow for important near-peer interactions, mentoring, and revisiting important and cross-cutting issues in medical practice, with a major focus on patient-centered care.


Lars Osterberg, MD, MPH


The call for applications is generally made in November, with applications due in January. Please check back on this site for more information on how to apply.

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