Nominations for Teaching Awards

Now accepting nominations for 2018 Pre-Clerkship Courses!

Thank you for taking this opportunity to acknowledge instructors who have made an important contribution to your medical education. Every faculty member or instructor who is nominated will receive a letter of recognition that is personalized with comments from the nomination forms. A copy of the recognition letter will also be sent to the faculty member’s department chair.

Results of the nominations submitted using the links below will be announced at the 2019 Teaching Awards Ceremony.

2017-18 Winter:

Quarter 2 Teaching Awards Nominaiton Form

Quarter 5 Teaching Awards Nomination Form

2017-18 Spring:

Quarter 3 & Quarter 6 Teaching Awards Nomination Form


Please note: You may nominate multiple faculty, preceptors, and/or TAs for each quarter. Simply click on the link provided at the end of the survey to submit additional nominations.