Radiology Improvement Summit

“The Learning Network”

Munger Hall, Stanford University

Friday-Saturday, February 7-8, 2020

Program Agenda


Friday, February 7

7:15              Breakfast (served at the conference center)

8:00              Welcome                                                                                                                   David Larson

                      “The Learning Network”

Session 1: Learning Between Organizations                                                              David Larson (Moderator)

8:20              Massachusetts Radiology Quality and Safety Council                               Jennifer Broder

8:40              Pediatric Headache Imaging Network                                                             Nadja Kadom

9:00              Organization-wide Improvement                                                                       Lane Donnelly

9:20              Implementing a High Reliability Organization                                             Matt Davenport

9:40              Break   

Session 2: Practical Applications                                                                                     Marc Willis (Moderator)

9:55              The Referring Clinician Survey                                                                            Gloria Hwang

10:15           Addressing Challenging Behavior                                                                      Marc Willis

10:35           Recommendations Follow-up: Multi-Institutional Collaboration         Neville Irani, Andy Bierhals

10:55           Harmonizing CT Protocols Across the Enterprise                                         Amichai Erdfarb

11:15           Panel Discussion                                                                                                   Marc Willis (Moderator)                     

11:30           Lunch                                                                                                                            

Session 3: Group Learning Activity                                                                                 David Larson (Moderator)

12:30           “52 Card Pick-up”                                                                                                     Allison Faust

1:15              Break

Session 4 (Concurrent): Specific QI topics                                                                      

4a: Radiologists                                                                                                                           Gloria Hwang (Moderator)

1:30              Improvement-focused Clinical Decision Support                                        Marc Willis

1:50              How Reading Room Design Impacts Collaboration                                    Arun Krishnaraj

2:10              Peer Learning: Updates, Challenges, Future Directions                            Jennifer Broder

4b: Technologists/Nurses/Admin Leaders                                                                        Rachel Smith (Moderator)

1:30              Starting Off Right: Orientation and Training                                                 Rachel Smith

1:50              The MRI Safety Officer                                                                                             Nikki Butler, Julie Johnson

2:10              Policy Development and Management                                                            Dot Cordova

4c: Quality Improvement Leaders                                                                                        

1:30              Portfolio of Training Programs                                                                           Kandice Garcia

2:30        Break

Session 5: Rapid Fire Project Presentations                                                               Jay Pahade (Moderator)

2:45              Rapid Total Spine MR: Joint Project with ED, Spine Surgery                   Jay Pahade, David Facchini

2:55              Improving Physician Interactions with Frontline Staff                              Rachel Smith

3:05              The Hidden Benefits of Peer Learning                                                             Brian Haas

3:15              Reducing Insurance Denials                                                                                 Paulo Castaneda

3:25              Learning Network Approach to Radiology Recommendations              Ben Wandtke

3:35              Increase Effectiveness of Intra-Op XRs to rule out RFO                              Henry Guo, Elizabeth Knoff

3:45              Cultural Dynamics Between Physicians and Administration                  Eric Keller

Session 6: Featured Topic

4:00              “Range”                                                                                                                     Arun Krishnaraj

4:25              Wrap-up (5 minutes)                                                                                            David Larson                                  

4:30              Reception                     

6:00              End of Day


Saturday, February 8

7:00              Excel Lab (optional—advance registration required)                             Allison Faust

7:00              Policy Discussion: Definition of Critical Results (optional)                  David Larson, Karin Kuhn

7:15              Breakfast (served at the conference center)

7:15              Careers in QI in Radiology:  Physicians (optional)                                   Jim Duncan

7:15              Careers in QI in Radiology:  Administrative (optional)                           Dot Cordova

8:00              Welcome and Outline for the Day                                                                   David Larson

Session 7: Informatics                                                                                                            Alex Towbin

8:05              AI and Quality Control                                                                                             David Larson

8:30              Disaster Planning                                                                                                      Alex Towbin

8:50              Quality Considerations Using AI with Image Interpretation                    Neville Irani

9:10              Unity Workflow Management Program                                                           Bao Do                  

9:30            Break                                                                             

Session 8 (Concurrent): Learning from Each Other                                               

9:45              Session 8a: Radiologists                                                                                      David Larson - Moderator

9:45              Session 8b: Technologist/Nursing/Administrative/QI Leaders            Kandice Garcia - Moderator               

11:15           Break

11:30           Summary and Final Thoughts                                                                          David Larson

12:00     End of Program