Drs. Vasanawala and Hargreaves among the 2019 AIMBE Inductees

March 25, 2019

During the annual AIMBE meeting, Dr. Shreyas Vasanawala and Dr. Brian Hargreaves were inducted into the AIMBE College of Fellows. These two members of the Stanford Radiology faculty were peer-nominated, elected, and inducted into the College of Fellows. The College of Fellows is comprised of leaders in the fields of medical and biological engineering. This prestigious level of success is due to their significant contributions to the fields they represent. 

Each Fellow is asked to provide a statement that describes their research. The statements written by our faculty members are below. 



for outstanding contributions to Body and Orthopedic Magnetic Resonance Imaging including MRI near metal implants and MRI of breast cancer.”


- Dr. Brian Hargreaves

for outstanding contributions to the fields of fast, quantitative body, cardiovascular and pediatric MRI.”


- Dr. Shreyas Vasanawala