Clerkship Program

The Department of Radiology offers several elective clerkships designed to familiarize students with the interpretation of medical images and nuclear medicine studies, as well as to provide opportunities for observation and research in various subspecialty areas of radiology.

The goal of the basic four-week clerkship (Diagnostic Radiology and Nuclear Medicine Clerkship 301A) is to teach the fundamental principles of interpreting radiographic and nuclear medicine studies. The medical student will learn the value and limitations of such studies in commonly encountered clinical problems. The concept of what constitutes an adequate radiographic study will be examined. Case material will be selected to illustrate both normal and abnormal anatomic and physiologic states. Additionally, an introduction to the principles of radiation protection and the public health implications of diagnostic radiation will also be discussed.

Registrants will be given access to an online radiology resource (STATdx) that provides ready access to thousands of instructional cases, anatomical drawings, and other reference material.

Students will be scheduled in various clinical reading rooms one morning a week, where they will be expected to independently assess the radiologic findings of two or three cases and arrive at a defendable interpretation. Following this, students will have the opportunity to learn from each others’ cases as they are intensively reviewed and discussed with the faculty member.

Whenever possible, differential diagnosis based upon roentgenographic findings will be discussed. Additionally, an introduction to the principles of radiation protection and the public health implications of diagnostic radiation will also be discussed.

Most of the course material covers reading assignments and outlines for the various didactic sessions. Most lectures will be held in the Radiology Learning Center in the Lucas Building; other venues will be communicated to students during the course. One or more lectures will be held at the Palo Alto Veterans Administration Hospital. At the end of the lecture series, there will be an online test covering the majority of the material covered over the four weeks, followed by a review session on the last day.

A specialty clerkship (303A) provides further experience for students considering a career in radiology or other specialties. Opportunities are provided for students to visit the clinical areas of the various radiology subspecialties and work on the day-to-day diagnostic problems encountered by clinicians.

Many medical students participate in Student Study Projects (Radiology 399) and additional clerkships such as Pediatric Radiology (304A), Nuclear Medicine (302A), or Interventional Radiology (305A). Another elective (Radiology 398A) offers opportunities to work directly with a faculty member in a radiology subspecialty.

For more information regarding the Radiology 301A Clerkship, please visit the School of Medicine Catalog or contact the coordinator, Grayling Thompson.

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