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The Oncoshare Project: An Informatics Approach to Therapeutic Discovery in Breast Cancer

QSU Collaborator: Dr. Allison Kurian

Initiated in 2009, Oncoshare is an innovative breast cancer database integrating data from two healthcare systems: a community-based (PAMF) and academic-based (Stanford) system in Northern California. Oncoshare uniquely links demographic and staging data from the population-based California Cancer Registry with detailed treatment information from EMRs of Stanford University Hospital and a nearby multi-site community practice, Palo Alto Medical Foundation; genetic testing results from a private company are also incorporated. QSU members have served as primary statisticians and joint lead authors on Oncoshare studies, such as an investigation of the utilization and impact of gene expression profiling in early-stage breast cancer. QSU biostatistician Aya Mitani led a methodological paper investigating the handling of missing data in the presence of interaction terms using Oncoshare (under review at Statistical Methods in Medical Research). Newest member Joe Rigdon will soon take the lead on statistical and informatics issues starting in May.




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