Secondary Analyses

Clinical Trials

  • Stanford GOALS: a randomized clinical trial to evaluate a multi-faceted intervention to reduce obesity in children (PI: Robinson)
  • CONFRONT PAH: A randomized double-blind clinical trial to compare standard versus dual-therapy for pulmonary arterial hypertension (PI: Zamanian)
  • TRANSFORM PAH: A phase II randomized, placebo-controlled study of safety, tolerability and efficacy of FK-506 in patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension (PI: Zamanian)
  • FAME 3: A randomized clinical trial to evaluate guided percutaneous coronary intervention versus coronary artery bypass graft surgery (PI: Fearon)
  • Do genotype patterns predict weight loss success for low carb vs. low fat diets? (PI: Gardner)
  • Evaluating the impact of coordinated support for advanced cancer patients in the VA (PI: Patel)
  • A trial to evaluate a training program for endoscopists to incorporate narrow band imaging (PI: Ladabaum)

Epidemiology Studies

  • CAUSES: A study to characterize factors affecting mortality (PI: Palanappian)
  • Understanding Dialysis Initiation in Older Veterans (PI: Tamura)
  • USRDS special study center on palliative and end of life care (PI: Tamura)
  • Quality evaluation of NICUs (PI: Profit)
  • STORK: Stanford’s Outcome Research in Kids (PI: Parsonnet)

Comparative Effectiveness Studies

  • Comparison of antiretroviral therapy on risk of cardiovascular disease among veterans with HIV (PI: Owens)
  • Comparison of antiretroviral therapy on mortality for veterans co-infected with HIV and HCV (PI: Owens)
  • Comparative effectiveness and safety of newer agents for anemia treatment in hemodialysis (PI: Winkelmayer)

Databases and Registries

  • Oncoshare: a database of PAMF and Stanford breast cancer patients (PI: Kurian)
  • Army Database: Stanford Military Data Repository (SMDR) (PI: Kurina)
  • Health Determinants of US Factory Workers (PI: Cullen)


DSMB Support

  • PCI Regulate (PI: Desai)
  • DECLARE Trial (PI: Desai)
  • LEVO CTS (PI: Desai)

Network Support

Support to Investigators at Centers