Joseph Rigdon, Ph.D.

Senior Biostatistician

Joe joined the QSU in 2015 after completing his PhD in Biostatistics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. While at UNC, he wrote a dissertation titled "Causal inference for binary data with interference" under the direction of Michael Hudgens. He wrote the R packages RI2by2 and interferenceCI to accompany papers from this dissertation. He also had the opportunity to do infectious disease research with the UNC Center for AIDS Research and environmental biostatistics research under the guidance of Amy Herring. In general, he is interested in using statistical methods to understand and improve human health. A list of current papers can be found at his Google Scholar page. 


Methodology Area of Interest:  Joe is interested in methods for causal inference in randomized trials and observational studies.  He is also interested in statistical methods that do not require strong assumptions, such as nonparametric methods and exact methods.  

Clinical Area of Interest: Joe is interested in all aspects of human health, particularly prevention of disease through individual lifestyle choices such as high-quality nutrition and movement practices and population level factors such as food systems, transportation networks, and social programs.  

Selected Publications: 

Rigdon J, Hudgens MG. Exact Confidence Intervals in the Presence of Interference. Stat Probab Lett. 2015 Oct 1;105:130-135. 

Rigdon J, Hudgens MG. Randomization inference for treatment effects on a binary outcome. Stat Med. 2015 Mar 15;34(6):924-35. 

Ruma MS, Bradley H, Holstrom A, Rigdon J, Herring A. Obstetric Ultrasound Efficiency and Accuracy Using a Protocol-Based Examination. J Ultrasound Med. 2016 Mar;35(3):565-9. 

Rosen DL, Wohl DA, Golin CE, Rigdon J, May J, White BL, Leone PA, Hudgens MG, Bowling JM. Comparing HIV Case Detection in Prison During Opt-In vs. Opt-Out Testing Policies. J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr. 2016 Mar 1;71(3):e85-8. 

Afghahi A, Forgó E, Mitani AA, Desai M, Varma S, Seto T, Rigdon J, Jensen KC, Troxell ML, Gomez SL, Das AK, Beck AH, Kurian AW, West RB. Chromosomal copy number alterations for associations of ductal carcinoma in situ with invasiv breast cancer. Breast Cancer Res. 2015 Aug 13;17:108. 

Dumond JB, Rigdon J, Mollan K, Tierney C, Kashuba AD, Aweeka F, Collier AC. Brief Report: Significant Decreases in Both Total and Unbound Lopinavir and Amprenavir Exposures During Coadministration: ACTG Protocol A5143/A5147s Results. J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr. 2015 Dec 15;70(5):510-4. 

Oxford KL, Dela Pena-Ponce MG, Jensen K, Eberhardt MK, Spinner A, Van Rompay KK, Rigdon J, Mollan KR, Krishnan VV, Hudgens MG, Barry PA, De Paris K. The interplay between immune maturation, age, chronic viral infection and environment. Immun Ageing. 2015 May 9;12:3.

Florescu DF, Pergam SA, Neely MN, Qiu F, Johnston C, Way S, Sande J, Lewinsohn DA, Guzman-Cottrill JA, Graham ML, Papanicolaou G, Kurtzberg J, Rigdon J, Painter W, Mommeja-Marin H, Lanier R, Anderson M, van der Horst C. Safety and efficacy of CMX001 as salvage therapy for severe adenovirus infections in immunocompromised patients. Biol Blood Marrow Transplant. 2012 May;18(5):731-8.