Sukyung Chung, PhD
Senior Biostatistician

Dr. Chung has extensive experience in research in comparative effectiveness of healthcare delivery interventions using practice-based data from electronic health records, billing/claims, and patient-reported experiences and outcomes measures, as well as through clinical trials.  Dr. Chung’s career started as a Pharmacist and then she studied Public Health and Health Economics which provided her with lenses and analytical tools to make sense out of real-world data.  Throughout 20+ years’ experience in various sectors of healthcare and academic research within and outside the US, most recently at Sutter Health which pioneers meaningful use of electronic health records and patient-centered care, Dr. Chung built expertise and acumen in handling, analyzing, and interpreting practice-based data and using them to solve complex problems healthcare systems encounter and to promote equitable access to quality care.  Dr. Chung published extensively through the research she’s been leading and collaborating:


Methodology area of interest

Epidemiologic studies using real-world practice data, causal inference modeling using instrumental variables, risk adjustment for assessing provider performances, cost-effectiveness analysis, predictive modeling of healthcare costs and outcomes

Clinical area of interest

patient-reported experience and outcomes, preventive screening, primary care practice, provider practice variation, cardiovascular disease

Selected publications

Chung S, Dillon EC, Meehan AE, Nordgren R, Frosch DL. A Cross-sectional Study of the Relationship between Primary Care Physician Burnout and Patient-reported Care Experiences. Annals of Internal Medicine. Journal of General Internal Medicine 2020 In Press.

Chung S, Martinez MC, Frosch DL, Jones V, Chan A. Patient-Centric Scheduling Practices: Implementation of Health Information Technology to Improve the Patient Experience and Access to Care. Journal of Medical Internet Research 2020 In Press.

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Chung S, Lesser LI, Lauderdale DS, Johns NE, Palaniappan LP, Luft HS. Medicare annual preventive care visits: use increased among fee-for-service patients, but many do not participate. Health Aff (Millwood). 2015 Jan;34(1):11-20.

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