Jason Bentley, Ph.D.
Senior Biostatistician

Jason came to the QSU in 2017 after completing his PhD at Sydney University in Australia. Over the past 8 years, both in his PhD research and as a senior epidemiologist and consultant biostatistician in public health, Jason has focused on utilizing large population-based linked administrative datasets from the health and education sectors for studies investigating health service utilization, maternity care and early childhood health and development. Jason enjoys working closely with clinicians and policy-makers to design and conduct methodologically robust studies to provide high quality evidence for practice and policy. Jason has a special interest in approaches for interactively exploring data with clinicians and communicating the findings of studies to policy-makers.





Methodology Area of Interest:  Record-linkage, fast analytics on big data, correlated data analysis, Bayesian computation, causal inference from observational studies, data and statistical communication

Clinical Area of Interest: Maternal fetal medicine, pediatrics, surgery, health service utilization, primary care and health policy    

Selected Publications:

Roberts C, Wagland P, Torvaldsen S, Bowen J, Bentley J, Morris J. Childhood outcomes following preterm prelabor rupture of the membranes (PPROM): a population-based record linkage cohort study. Journal of Perinatology, 2017 (Accepted for publication).

Bentley J, Nassar N, Porter M, de Vroome M, Yip E, Ampt A. Formula supplementation in hospital and subsequent feeding at discharge among women who intended to exclusively breastfeed: An administrative data retrospective cohort study. Birth, 2017 (Accepted for publication).

Schneuer F, Bentley J, Holland A, Lain S, Jamieson S, Badawi N, Nassar N. Early childhood development of boys with genital anomalies. Birth Defects Research, 2017; 109(8):535-542.

Bentley J, Roberts C, Bowen J, Martin A, Morris J, Nassar N. Planned birth before 39 weeks and poor child development: a record linkage cohort study. Pediatrics, 2016; 138(6):e20162002.

Bentley J, Bond D, de Vroome M, Yip E, Nassar N. Factors associated with recurrent infant feeding practices in subsequent births: a population-based longitudinal study. Journal of Human Lactation, 2016; 32(4):721-729.

Lain S, Bentley J, Wiley V, Roberts C, Jack M, Wilcken B, Nassar N. Association between borderline neonatal thyroid-stimulating hormone concentrations and educational and developmental outcomes: a population-based record-linkage study. Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology, 2016; 4(9):756–765.

Bentley J, Simpson J, Bowen J, Morris J, Roberts C, Nassar N. Gestational age, mode of birth and breastmilk feeding all influence acute early childhood gastroenteritis: a record-linkage cohort study. BMC Pediatrics, 2016; 16:55.

Stephens A, Bentley J, Taylor L, Arbuckle S. Diagnosis of fetal growth restriction in perinatal deaths using brain to liver weight ratios. Pathology, 2015; 47(1):51-57.