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Abstract Deadline


Revision Deadline



Who can submit an abstract?

  • Residents/Fellows
  • Medical Students
  • Nurses

My project is incomplete/ongoing. Can I still submit my abstract?

Yes, you can submit your abstract. We accept the following abstracts for

  • Ongoing projects
  • Completed projects

When do I hear back that my abstract has been accepted into the symposium?

You will receive an e-mail approximately 2-3 weeks before the symposium that states your abstract has been accepted. Please create your poster (see question below for poster specifications).

What is the poster size requirement?

42 inches by 32 inches (width by height). Please use the following template. Pushpins will be provided at the symposium.

Can I send a revised abstract?

Yes, you can send a revised abstract. Please select "Yes, I am submitting a revised abstract" under the question "Are you submitting a revised abstract to the symposium?" Revisions are due by Friday, 4/27/2018.

I submitted my abstract on behalf of my team. Do I need to register for the event?

No, you do not need to register for the event. When you submit your team's abstract, you are considered registered for the event. However, your co-authors need to register for the event and need to make sure to select "my abstract was submitted" in the registration form.

Does the symposium reimburse for poster printing?

No, the symposium does not reimburse for poster printing. Please inquire with your department if they can pay for or reimburse you for the poster printing costs.

My question did not get answered. Who do I contact?

Please submit your question here.