About Us

Mission Statement

The mission of the Binns Program for Cord Blood Research (BPCBR) is simple: to advance research into a wide array of blood and immune disorders, from leukemia to sickle cell disease,by providing Stanford researchers with umbilical cord blood, an invaluable yet often over-looked resource.

Founding Principle

BPCBR was born from an altruistic desire to advance basic science, translational and clinical research by bringing patients, clinicians and researchers together in pursuit of a novel and ambitious endeavor - a non-profit, sustainable initiative that would provide Stanford research with umbilical cord blood, a fundamental scientific resource, for years to come.

The Binns Family

As the visionaries behind Stanford's novel cord blood donation program, the Binns famliy share our vision for advancing clinical science and current treatment approaches to various blood and immune disorders through cord blood research. We will always be grateful for their ongoing support and involvement.