Pre-Conference on Media and Youth Suicide

In conjunction with our 2018 Adolescent Mental Wellness Conference: Overcoming Cultural Barriers to Access, we recently held "Media & Youth Suicide: Best Practices for Reporting and Storytelling" a pre-conference symposium. This invitation-only event was dedicated to promoting responsible portrayals of youth suicide in the media. It took place on April 26, 2018 at Microsoft's Sunnyvale campus and included a predominately regional mix of representatives from news media, entertainment media, social media, schools of journalism, youth, and mental health experts.

Key takeaways from the event 

  • First person perspectives from youth on media influence
  • Explore the link between media reporting/portrayal of suicide and mass shootings and public health.
  • Develop a trusted regional network of media partners & mental health professionals
  • Engage in skill building for early career journalists & senior professionals
  • Uncover and highlight shared challenges in following best practice guidelines
  • Review examples of compelling, non-stigmatizing story ideas

Youth Perspectives on Mental Health & the Media, directed, edited and produced by Chloe Sorensen, Ainsley Roh, Zoe Adelsheim and Daniel Howell.