Media & Mental Health Initiative (MMHI)

This project is supported with SPOt funds and housed within the The Center for Youth Mental Health & Wellbeing and affiliated with The Mental Health Technology & Innovation Hub


To understand and improve the impact of media on suicide prevention and mental health through partnerships, outreach, and projects aimed to enhance the prosocial, safe use of media in multiple forms (news, social, entertainment).   

Core Functions

  • House a national vanguard organization focused on integrating media/ suicide prevention and mental health organizational partnerships.
  • Draw attention to and educate about the phenomenon of media "contagion"
  • In partnership with journalists, other media partners, and suicide prevention/mental health agencies, create and/or expand on proper reporting guidelines, best practices, the ethics of media and mental health, and healthy content for journalists and entertainment media.
  • Conduct and promote media literacy and digital citizenship trainings for youth & families
  • Collaborate with tech industry partners on strategies for promoting healthy use of technology
  • Media campaign development and partnerships, promoting media literacy, anti-stigma, safe mental health promotions
  • Consider components necessary for developing structures to provide mental health support for journalists covering suicide and traumatic events

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SPOt is made possible with funds from the Stanford University School of Medicine Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford, and the Stanford Child Health Research Institute