Postdoctoral Residency Admissions, Support, and Initial Placement Data

Postdoctoral Program Admissions

The Clinical Psychology Fellowship at Stanford University’s Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences seeks applicants who are highly trained in evidence-based treatments. Ideal candidates come from strong graduate programs in clinical, counselling, school psychology, or clinical child psychology programs and have excellent training in evidence-based treatments such as CBT, DBT, ACT, and mindfulness-based approaches. Candidates who have training in our emphasis areas, while also seeking breadth of clinical experiences, are likely to be strong candidates.


All applicants must have completed:

  1. APA- or CPA-accredited graduate programs in clinical, counseling psychology, school psychology, and clinical child psychology programs;
  2. APA- or CPA-accredited internships; and
  3. all requirements for their PhD or PsyD prior to beginning their appointment.

Other required minimum criteria used to screen applicants:

As above. APA- or CPA- graduate and internship training are mandatory. No exceptions will be made.

Financial and Other Benefit Support for Upcoming Training Year*

Annual Stipend/Salary for Full-time Residents

$53,406.00 (2017-2018)

Annual Stipend/Salary for Half-time Residents


Program provides access to medical insurance for resident?


If access to medical insurance is provided Trainee contribution to cost required?

No (one plan is offered at no cost to the resident)

Coverage of family member(s) available?


Coverage of legally married partner available?


Coverage of domestic partner available?

Yes (for a registered domestic partner)

Hours of Annual Paid Personal Time Off (PTO and/or Vacation)

12 calendar days

Hours of Annual Paid Sick Leave

15 calendar days

In the event of medical conditions and/or family needs that require extended leave, does the program allow reasonable unpaid leave to interns/residents in excess of personal time off and sick leave?


Other Benefits (please describe):

  • Professional Development Days (5 calendar days)
  • Parental Leave

For more information on postdoctoral benefits, please see:

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