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Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry Fellowship Program

I. Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry Fellowship Program Description

Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry (CLP) encompasses the study and practice of psychiatric disorders in patients with medical, surgical, obstetrical, and neurological conditions, particularly for patients with complex and/or chronic conditions. Physicians specializing in Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry have expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric disorders in complex medically ill patients.


The one-year Stanford Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry (CLP) Fellowship Program, developed and directed by José R. Maldonado MD and supported by robust and diverse group of CL psychiatrists, offers advanced training in the field of Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry in both hospital and ambulatory settings with abundant clinical, educational, and cutting-edge research opportunities. The Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry Fellowship received full accreditation by the American Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) since its inception in 2010.

The program allows the fellow to engage in a variety of required and elective clinical and research rotations as well as to engage in a wide variety of educational activities where the fellow can serve as a learner and as an educator. The program also allows each CLP-Fellow to develop his or her own unique strengths and interests.

Summary of Didactic and Clinical Experiences throughout the Academic Year

  1. In-Patient [I/P] Rotations:
    1. Consultation Liaison Psychiatry (CLP) Service [I/P Psychiatry Consult service] (R)
    2. Critical Care Psychiatry [CCP] Service (R)
    3. Neuro-Critical Care Medicine [NCC] (R)
  2. Out-Patient (O/P) Rotations:
    1. O/P Consultation–Liaison Psychiatry (CLP) Evaluation & Continuity Clinic (R)
    2. HIV Psychiatry – Positive Care Clinic [PCC] (E)
    3. Palliative Care Medicine – PAVA [PCM] (E)
  3. Combined I/P & O/P Services:
    1. Cystic Fibrosis Psychiatry Service [CFP] (E)
    2. Psychosocial Oncology Service [PSO] (E)
  4. Didactic Experiences:
    1. Fellow’s Didactic Responsibilities
    2. CLP Didactic curriculum
      1. Immersion into CLP Didactic Series (R)
      2. Journal Club (R)(W)
      3. CLP Faculty Didactic (R)(W)
      4. Trainee Clinical Lecture (R)(W)
      5. CLP Book Seminar (R)(W)
      6. CLP-Chief Rounds (R)(M)
      7. Mental Health in Medicine Lecture Series (R)
      8. Interdisciplinary Clinical Psychiatry in Neurology Series (R)(Q)
      9. Scholarly Concentration (E)(W)

Legend: (R) required; (E) elective; (M) monthly; (W) weekly; (Q) quarterly.

 Here is an example of the CLP-Fellow’s academic year:

CLP Fellowship Year  

2 weeks

2 weeks

½ day a week;
12 weeks

Ambulatory Clinic

10 Months

4 weeks

In-Patient Neurocritical Care Service



Palliative Care

(In & Out Patient)


Sub-specialty Clinics:

  • HIV
  • Psyc-Onc
  • CF-Clinic
  • Transplant
  • Research

(part-time; elective)

Psychosomatic Medicine Clinic
[0.5 day/week] for 6 months


CLP Service
[4 – 7 hrs/day every week day]

(except during immersion rotations &

Continuity Clinic)


Vacation Time

Besides the required Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry Inpatient and Outpatient rotations, the Fellowship offers a menu of elective rotations, including Research/Scholarly Concentration, Positive Care Clinic (HIV Psychiatry), Psycho-Oncology, Pulmonary Medicine–Psychiatry Clinic, Ethics, Transplant Psychiatry.


The Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry Fellowship received full accreditation by the American Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) since its inception in 2010.


Trainees who successfully complete the Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry Fellowship Program are eligible to take the subspecialty certification examination in Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry offered by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN) 

Stipends and Benefits

Stipends 2019-2020



Per Month








$77, 319.22


















For more information, please visit the GME Office site.


  • Moving allowance (new hires only) $3,000
  • Annual educational allowance $2,000
  • Cell phone allowance $1,000 *
  • Food allowance $10 per day (shifts of 12 hours or longer)
  • Housing stipend $7,200 per year (paid as $600 monthly
  • Cost of initial CA MD license and renewals*
  • Cost of initial DEA and renewals*
  • Cost of USMLE III* s
  • Medical, dental, vision, and long term disability insurance provided.
  • 1% annual bonus based on completion of a Quality Improvent Project 

* Please see House Staff Policies and Procedures for full details.
Subject to appropriate taxes