Participating in Research

The Department of Psychiatry is a leader in the area of eating disorder research. We work to evaluate both therapies and therapeutic outcomes as well as basic science at the level of brain functioning and imaging. As a result, we devote the majority of our energy and resources to the following areas:

  • The development, evaluation and dissemination of evidence-based interventions
  • Gaining an in depth understanding of what types of treatments work best for different types of patients and recognizing that there may not be a “one size fits all” approach
  • Asking patients to share their experiences with treatment for eating disorders to understand what they have found most helpful, and areas that may need improvement
  • Improving the cost-effectiveness of treatment for eating disorders
  • Exploring an underlying neurocognitive basis for eating disorders through the use of neuropsychological testing and fMRI
  • Sharing information with other treatment sites and mental health professionals to increase awareness and understanding of eating disorders and their effective treatments
  • Providing in-depth training to professionals to ensure that individuals and families everywhere can benefit from our knowledge about successful treatment

To find out more about current research projects, please visit the following websites:

Eating Disorders Research Program:

Laboratory for the Study of Behavioral Medicine:

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