Helpful Information for all Faculty

Clinic Managers

All new clinicians should contact their respective clinic managers to obtain required EPIC training, fill out a provider packet, and to learn about billing practices and procedures.

Child and Adolescent Clinics

Adult Clinics

Sleep Clinic

Stanford’s Private Practice Policy

Those who are more than 50% time but less than 100% time must obtain an exemption from the Dean’s Office to engage in private practice.  Clinicians who are 100% time at Stanford are generally not allowed to engage in private practice except under rare and time-limited circumstances, and only with approved exemption from the Dean’s Office. 

Practice Policy for Clinicians at the School of Medicine

Faculty Evaluations

Teaching and Mentoring Evaluations

Your teaching and mentoring skills will be evaluated by trainees on an ongoing basis.  These data are reviewed by the Chairman and senior departmental leadership, and are important for reappointment and promotion considerations.

If you are a clinician and provide clinical supervision and teaching, your trainees will be asked to complete a clinical teaching evaluation form.  This evaluation is collected through the MedHub system.  A sample evaluation form is available below:

If you provide primary mentorship to a postdoctoral research fellow, that individual will be asked to evaluate your mentoring on an annual basis using the following evaluation form:

Classroom Teaching and Guest Lectures

If you direct a formal course at Stanford, whether within the Department or in an external department, teaching evaluations are generally routinely collected. We ask that you please confirm this process with the appropriate educational director ahead of time, as these data will be important for reappointment and promotion considerations.

If you provide classroom teaching either in a single or multiple lecture venue and teaching evaluations are not routinely collected as part of the process, we ask that you please use the following teaching evaluation form to collect this important data:

If you provide teaching or didactic lectures outside of Stanford, such as at professional conferences, workshops, or external institutions, we strongly encourage you to collect teaching data.  Professional conferences often collect lecture feedback, and you may request to receive these results.  You may also use the above lecture form.  Please keep these data on file to have on hand for your future reappointment or promotion consideration.

Clinical Excellence Surveys (CES's)

If you are a clinician, at the time of reappointment or promotion consideration, the Department will solicit evaluation of your core clinical competencies from a range of current and former trainees, clinical administrators, and clinician colleagues.   

Reappointment and Promotion

The Department holds annual workshops for Professoriate and CE Faculty to discuss career development issues and review reappointment and promotion criteria.  We also encourage all faculty to review their respective chapters in the Faculty Handbook for University criteria related to reappointment and promotion considerations.

Sabbatical and Professional Development Leave

Professoriate Faculty

Members of the Professoriate earn sabbatical at a rate of 2.5 days/month (30 days/year) and the total amount of accrual is capped at 360 days.  Sabbatical duration must be for at least 30 days (e.g. one continuous calendar month).  Multiple sabbaticals within a 12-month period are allowed, however, you must return to work at Stanford for a period of time at least equal to the length of your most recent sabbatical prior to taking another sabbatical leave.  We are required to submit requests for sabbaticals to the Office of Academic Affairs at least 30 days prior to the requested sabbatical start date.   Sabbaticals during a terminal year of a faculty member’s appointment term are not allowed without an approved exception. Exceptions are rare and require extensive justification, and may or not be granted.

Professoriate faculty are asked to please plan carefully to avoid what are often foreseeable problems, such as loss of accrued sabbatical or loss of continued sabbatical accrual due to reaching the accrual cap.  Please see the following link for complete policy information:

Clinician Educator Faculty

Full-time CE faculty at the rank of Clinical Assistant Professor and above earn Professional Development Leave at a rate of 1.167 days per month. CE faculty who are >50% but less than 100% time accrue Professional Development Leave on a pro rata basis. The normal maximum accrual is ten weeks or 70 days.  No more than two Professional Development Leaves may be taken in any 5-year period, and the interval between leaves should be at least one year.  We are required to submit requests for Professional Development Leave to the Office of Academic Affairs at least 45 days prior to the requested leave start date; please work with Jacqueline Ching to complete the application.  Please see the following link for complete policy information:

CE Faculty are also eligible for the Staff Training Assistance Program (STAP) funds of $800 per year (pro rated for those who are >50% time but less than 100% time).  These funds may be used to reimburse registration fees for courses, seminars, conferences, or workshops related to your professional activities. Additional information is available at the following link:

Sick Leave and Vacation Time

Faculty members are not eligible for vacation or sick leave accrual.
For members of the Professoriate, short absences for personal business, illness, jury duty, military duty, and similarly limited absences normally are with full salary. It is expected that when scheduling periods of personal time off, one's academic responsibilities are taken into consideration and continue to be fulfilled.  The Department Chair should be notified in advance of any absence of a faculty member on active duty that may affect class, laboratory, research, or other University commitments, including graduate student supervision.  Professoriate faculty with clinical responsibilities are responsible for ensuring appropriate clinical coverage during any absence.

CE faculty are eligible for time off with pay from regularly scheduled service (not including time off due to holiday closure) that can be scheduled throughout the year with departmental approval based on clinical needs, clinical and/or teaching commitment and responsibilities.  Time off with pay may be granted up to 22 days per year, pro-rated for the Clinician Educator’s percent time of appointment and start date. Pay in lieu of time off is not possible, nor can unused time off be carried over to the next calendar year, except in unusual circumstances justified by clinical needs of the department.  The Chair must approve such exceptions, in advance. Time off with pay has no cash value, and is not paid out in any fashion at the time that employment ends.

Leave Policy for Faculty with Clinical Duties

It is the responsibility of the faculty member to ensure coverage for their clinical care responsibilities and to advise the clinic staff of their absence during leaves of any length of time.   

For leaves lasting more than 1 week, we ask that the faculty member provide documentation to, and written approval from, their Division Chief with respect to their planned coverage for clinical care, teaching, research and/or administrative responsibilities.  This documentation should be provided at least 1 month in advance, except under unusual circumstances.  We also ask that faculty members obtain approval from their Division Chief prior to finalizing plans for any leaves of 2 or more weeks.

Bringing on Adjunct Faculty or Adjunct Clinical Faculty

Please contact Diana Kim ( in the Department’s Faculty Affairs Office to discuss your adjunct faculty needs.  Together, you will be able to determine the most appropriate course of action.  All adjunct faculty requests must be first approved by the Chairman before the appointment process may begin.

Bringing on Visiting Faculty, Visiting Scholars or Visiting Postdoctoral Fellows

Professoriate faculty may host visiting faculty, visiting scholars, visiting postdoctoral fellows and other visiting researchers.  Diana Kim ( is the primary department contact for all visiting appointment requests.  For visiting appointments that do not require a visa, the department needs at least 30 days advance notice (with complete paperwork) to secure appointment approval with the Dean’s office.  For appointments requiring a visa, it is strongly recommended that you submit the complete paperwork 90 days in advance of the requested start date.

Visiting Faculty must provide formal evidence of approved leave for the requested appointment period from their home institution.  They may be paid or unpaid by Stanford.  

Visiting Scholars and Visiting Postdoctoral Fellows cannot be paid by Stanford.  For their appointment paperwork, they must provide documentation that they have the minimum required funds ($53,406 for FY2018) for the pro-rated period of their appointment.  Appointments must be for a minimum of 3 months, up to 1 year (with the option of appointment renewal).

Visa-related information is also available at the following Bechtel website:

A visitor who is still in graduate school may only formally come to Stanford as a Visiting Researcher.  This type of appointment must be made through our department’s Human Resources group – please contact Linda Vargas.

Research and Professional Development Resources for Faculty

Frequently Asked Questions

Please visit our Administrative Guide for more helpful administrative information.

Q. Who do I ask about hiring staff? 
A. Linda Vargas - (650) 723-6184 /

Q. Who do I ask about getting a building keycard/ID?
A. Denise Knab – (650) 723-1147 /

Q. Who do I ask about benefits or payroll questions? 
A. Linda Vargas - (650) 723-6184 /

Q. How do I submit a PI waiver?
A. Get in touch with Aimee Swanson, PhD, our Director of Research Administration, with your CV, project abstract, and the program announcement.

Q. Who do I contact about a letter of institutional commitment/support for my grant application?
A. Get in touch with Aimee Swanson, PhD, our Director of Research Administration, with your biosketch, project abstract, and the program announcement.

Q. Who do I contact about clinical performance metrics and expectations?
A. Get in touch with Brett Kelly, Director of Finance and Clinical Operations.

Q. Where do I find more information about faculty housing programs?
A. The Faculty Staff Housing office:  Housing programs available for new faculty and Clinician Educator Housing Purchase Programs