Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences Staff Awards

Quarterly Staff Awards

Every day our Staff strive to support our world-class Faculty and Trainees in medical care, research, training, community outreach, and professionalism. It is because of this dedication and support that the Department launched the Employee Recognition program - to continuously acknowledge and recognize the contributions of our Staff!  Each quarter, the Department will recognize one staff member who contributes to our missions through his or her exceptional dedication, initiative, motivation, positive attitude, customer service and passion about their work.  Awardees will receive a cash award, be notified in-person, and will be featured on the Department's website.

Nomination Criteria and Details

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Each nominee must be an active regular University staff employee
  • 50% FTE or more
  • Employed in the Department for the past 12-months

Values and Characteristics to consider when identifying an eligible nominee:

someone who consistently demonstrates outstanding performance, dedication, initiative, motivation, positive attitude, customer service, honesty, integrity, respect and inclusion

Nomination details:

  • Eligible staff may be nominated multiple times in the same quarter or multiple quarters, however each staff member may only win the award one time during their employment with the Department
  • Employees ineligible for nomination include: DFA, Faculty, Students, Fellows, Postdocs, Contingent Employees, Selection Committee Members, and previous winners
  • Nominations may be submitted by the following individuals: All Faculty, Staff, Students, Fellows, and Postdocs working in or outside of the Department


Romola Breckenridge
1st Quarter, 2017

Robin Libove
2nd Quarter, 2017

3rd Quarter, 2017

4th Quarter, 2017

Annual “Above and Beyond” Award for Extraordinary Contribution

The staff in our department are among the finest at Stanford.  From the laboratory to the clinic, and everywhere else behind the scenes, our department is fortunate to be supported by extremely talented individuals who give 110%.  

We would like to provide an opportunity to formally honor the very best among our staff with the “Above and Beyond” Award for Extraordinary Contribution in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences.  This award will be presented to exceptional staff members each year – one SHC or LPCH employee and one University employee – based on nominations by any faculty or staff member in the Department.  Each award winner will have their name displayed on a plaque in the lobby at the Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences building at 401 Quarry Road.

We will announce the 2016 award winners at the Department holiday party.


The nominated employee must have outstanding performance and demonstrate consistent dedication, initiative, motivation, and positive attitude to those they support and with whom they interact.  Nominees must be employed as regular employees, at 50% FTE or more, in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences or Stanford Hospitals and Clinics (including Stanford Children’s Hospital) for the past year, as of October 31, 2016.  All senior executive staff are excluded from nominations (Brian Donnellan, Brett Kelly, Aimee-Noelle Swanson, Sarah Hernandez, Heather Kenna, Roxane Meade, Jake Foraker, and Stephanie Lettieri).


2016 Awardees



(pictured left to right)

Stephanie Martines,
Reiko Riley,
Beth Archibald,
Jessica Hawkins
Nicole Skinner (not pictured)

2015 Awardees



(pictured left to right)

Rachel Warren-Lewis,
Denise Knab,
Jill Nagahara-Evans,
Ola Golovinsky

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