Rebecca Osborne

Rebecca has significant experience in commercial and academic scientific research organizations in Australia, Canada and the USA. Her career started in medical and biological based research at the Australian National University, Commonwealth Industrial and Research Organisation (CSIRO) and the University of British Columbia, before moving into scientific business development, drug development and operations roles at CSIRO, Biotron Ltd., The Queensland Institute of Medical Research (QIMR) and Implicit Bioscience Ltd. Notably, Rebecca was Deputy Director, Operations for the Centre for Advanced Imaging at UQ, (Brisbane, Australia) where she established and implemented a range of best practice business and process improvements. Her work is now focused on the creation of responsive, sustainable research infrastructure organizations.

Latha Palaniappan, MD, MS

Latha Palaniappan MD, MS, is an internist and clinical researcher. Her work has focused on the study of different racial/ethnic populations in the areas of obesity, insulin resistance, and cardiovascular risk. Palaniappan seeks to address the gap in knowledge of health in Asian subgroups and other understudied racial/ethnic minorities (The Pan Asian Cohort Study - PACS, 5R01DK081371). During her time at Palo Alto Medical Foundation (PAMF), she led the organization-wide initiative to collect patient race/ethnicity and language information, enabling PAMF researchers to conduct disparities research in the clinical setting. In collaboration with PAMF, her most recent work examines the clinical effectiveness of structured physical activity programs for diabetes management (Initiate and Maintain Physical Activity in Clinics - IMPACT, 5R18DK096394), as well as best exercise regimens for normal-weight diabetics (Strength Training Regimen for Normal Weight Diabetics - STRONG-D, 2R01DK081371). She is also co-principal investigator on the CAUSES (5R01MD007012) study, which examines mortality and socioeconomic differences between diverse Asian Subgroups in the U.S.