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We are on the brink of an amazing transformation in how we approach health. Instead of a frantic race to cure disease after the fact, we can increasingly prevent disease before it strikes.

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  • Iron triggers lung transplant infection

    Iron enables a common mold to take root in lung transplant recipients, according to Stanford researchers who led a study that offers a new perspective for understanding and treating these pulmonary infections.

  • Potential skin cancer treatment

    Stanford researchers have learned how basal cell carcinoma evades drug treatment without mutating. The researchers found possible drug targets that may allow for more personalized treatment of this common skin cancer.

  • 'Vaccine’ destroys tumors in mice

    Activating T cells in tumors eliminated even distant metastases in mice, Stanford researchers found. Lymphoma patients are being recruited to test the technique in a clinical trial.

Stanford, Apple to Collaborate in New Heart Study

This fall, Stanford Medicine will join with Apple in an innovative research study using data from Apple Watch to identify irregular heart rhythms, including those from potentially serious heart conditions like atrial fibrillation.

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