Lab News

APR 2018

The lab is in the spolight in this week's issue of Nature, with an interview about multidisciplinary cancer research. Article +

DEC 2017

The California Institute for Regenerative Medicine has awarded a Discovery Inception grant to the lab to explore a novel metabolic labeling approach for stem cell tracking. This work is a collaboration between the labs of Dr. Pratx, Chin and Le. Full Story +

Nov 2017

A new study by Dr. Louise Kiru uses single-cell imaging with radioluminescence microscopy to identify the true target of 18F-HFB, a PET tracer used for in vivo cell tracking.  Full Story +

APR 2017

Radioluminescence microscopy is a new method for radionuclide imaging at the single cell level. This method can now be easily implemented thanks to a detailed Nature Protocol written by Tae Jin Kim and Silvan Turkcan. Full Story +

Jan 2017

The Physical Oncology Lab is now located within the Grant Building, in room S277. Come and visit us!

May 2016

A new study, lead by Debanti Sengupta, finds that 18F-FLT, a cancer imaging agent, is taken up differentially by cell that are actively dividing and cells that are arrested. This is the first time that the molecular behavior of 18F-FLT has been studied at the level of single cells. Full Story +