Current Members

Jonathan Pollack, MD, PhD

Principal Investigator
Professor of Pathology
I studied at Harvard (BA), UCSF (MD/PhD and Clinical Pathology residency), and Stanford (HHMI postdoc with Pat Brown) before joining the Stanford Pathology Department in 2001. My research interests focus on translational genomics, using genomics to better understand, diagnose and treat human diseases with an emphasis on cancer. I have also served as founding director of the Stanford Tissue Bank (2001-2010).

Xue Gong, PhD

Research Associate (computational)
Harbin Medical University (PhD)
Research interests in bioinformatics, biomarker discovery, and noncoding RNAs.

Zhewei Shen, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow
U Penn (PhD)
Research interests in altered chromatin remodeling (pancreatic cancer), and in single-cell genomics.

Qun Li, MD, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow
Beihua University (MD); Jilin University (PhD)
Research interests in breast cancer genomics and cell culture models.

Lance Middleton

MSTP (MD/PhD) Student, Cancer Biology
LSU (BS) (Geaux Tigers!)
Research interests in post-transcriptional regulation, and in genomics of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).

Persiana Saffari

Stanford Undergraduate
Research interests in comparative oncogenomics (humans and companion animals).

Julian Swoboda

Visiting Medical Student (University of Ulm)
Research interests in genomics of leukemia.

Xiyan Mu

Visiting Medical Student (Sichuan University)
Research interests in genome engineering of breast epithelial cells.

Anna Pollack, MD

Research Scientist
Interests in biomedical research and teaching. Research activities in prostate cancer, BPH, leukemia, and odontogenic neoplasms.

Jewison Biscocho
Former lab manager
Laboratory Supervisor, Berkeley Lights, Inc.

Piper Nicolosi, PhD
Former postdoc
Cancer Biomarker Curation Scientist, Lifecode, Inc.

Sarah Grasedieck
Former visiting graduate student (University of Ulm)
Graduate student (University of Ulm)

Ho Sung Park, MD, PhD
Former visiting scholar
Associate Professor, Pathology, Chonbuk National University Medical Center

Jean Davidson, PhD
Former postdoc
Data wrangler, ENCODE group (Cherry lab), Stanford University

Nicole Clarke, PhD
Former graduate student (Cancer Biology)
Associate Director, Medical Science Liaison, Oncology at Boehringer Ingelheim

Craig Giacomini, MD, PhD
Former MD, PhD student (Cancer Biology)
Radiology resident, UCSF

Ilona Holcomb, PhD
Former postdoc
Scientist II, Fluidigm Corporation

Keyan Salari, MD, PhD
Former MD, PhD student (MSTP, Genetics)
Urology resident, Massachusetts General Hospital

Hunter Shain, PhD
Former graduate student (Cancer Biology)
Postdoc (Boris Bastian lab, UCSF)

Jay Balagtas, MD
Former clinical fellow (Pediatrics-Heme/Onc)
Clinical Associate Professor, Pediatrics-Heme/Onc, Stanford

Mary Spulak, MD
Former medical student
Internal medicine resident, UCSF

Stephanie Huang, PhD
Former postdoc
Senior Scientist, Ariosa Diagnostics

Justin Cuff, MD
Former pathology resident
Pathologist, SF Bay area

Kevin Kwei, PhD
Former postdoc
Biomarker Scientist, Pharmacyclics

Karen Matsukuma, MD
Former Pathology resident
Assistant Professor, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, UC Davis

Melanie Bocanegra, PhD
Former graduate student (Cancer Biology)
Director of STEM Initiatives (Santa Monica College and UCLA)

Young Kim
Former lab manager
Product manager, Clinical Marketing, Affymetrix

Max Thompson, MD
Former undergraduate
Anesthesiology resident, UCSF

Jessica Kao, PhD
Former graduate student (Cancer Biology)
Senior Manager, GuideSpark, Inc.

Anna Bergamaschi, PhD
Former visiting graduate student (University of Oslo)
Product Development Scientist II, Genomic Health

Yoon-La Choi, MD, PhD
Former visiting instructor
Associate Professor, Pathology, Samsung Medical Center

Yvonne Kung
Former undergraduate student
Graduate student (Physics), SLAC National Accelerator Lab

Jean Lee, MD
Former Masters student
Pediatrician, UCSF

Hanna Kim, MD
Former medical student
Ophthalmologist, Kaiser Permanente

Ryan Bair, MD
Former visiting medical student (U Utah)
Radiation oncologist, Idaho Cancer Center

Jacques Lapointe, MD, PhD
Former postdoc
Associate Professor, Urology, McGill University

Murali Bashyam, PhD
Former visiting research fellow
Staff Scientist, Center for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics (CDFD), Hyderabad

Sameer Malhotra, MD
Former urology resident
Urologist, Los Angeles area

Joshua Brody, MD
Former postdoc
Assistant Professor of Hematology-Oncology, Mount Sinai Hospital (NYC)

Lars Bullinger, MD
Former postdoc
Prof. Dr. (Medicine-Hematology), University of Ulm

S Michael Rothenberg
Former medical student
Physician-Scientist (Heme-Onc), Massachusetts General Hospital