Pollack Lab: Translational Cancer Genomics


LOCATION: Center for Clinical Sciences Research (CCSR-3240/50)

OTHER AFFILIATIONS: Cancer Biology Program, Bio-X Program

Research Synopsis:

Research areas span an eclectic mix of projects, focused around translational cancer genomics. Studies cover several tumor types, including prostate, breast and pancreatic cancer. Technologies include next-generation sequencing (exomes, genomes, transcriptomes, and cistromes), CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing, and single-cell analysis. Rather than study model organisms, we work directly with human tissue specimens and patient-derived cell culture models.

Active areas of investigation include:

  • Defining prostate tumor heterogeneity and genome evolution to distinguish indolent from aggressive disease.
  • Identifying recurring structural genome alterations in varied cancer types to discover novel cancer genes.
  • Understanding the role of altered chromatin remodelers and "lineage-survival" transcription factors in tumorigenesis.
  • Investigating mechanisms underlying genomic instability and the shaping of cancer genomes.
  • Applying genomic appoaches to study less common neoplasms, and benign proliferative diseases.
  • Exploring cellular heterogeneity through single-cell analysis in human health and disease.