Lab Members

Name: Sylvia Plevritis
Title: Principal Investigator
Degree: Ph.D.
Research interest: My research program focuses on computational modeling of cancer biology and cancer outcomes. 
Contact:; Phone: 650-498-5261

Name: Anchang, Benedict
Title: Instructor
Degree: Ph.D.
Research interest: Using computational systems biology to study heterogeneity in normal and disease progression as well as improve patient health by developing better diagnostic and treatment strategies using high throughput technologies.
Contact:; Phone: 650-498-7550
Name: Bastani, Mehrad
Title: Postdoctoral Fellow
Degree: Ph.D.
Research Interest: Simulation and optimization, machine learning and large-scale data analysis to improve cancer treatment
Name: Bouchard, Gina
Title: Postdoc Fellow
Degree: Ph.D.
Research interest: Characterizing the role of metabolic reprogramming toward Hexosamine Biosynthesis Pathway in promoting a pro-invasion tumor-stromal crosstalk in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer 
Name: Good, Zinaida
Title: Postdoctoral Fellow
Degree: Ph.D.
Research interest: Applying single-cell and systems immunology approaches to optimize engineered T cell responses in cancer immunotherapy applications.
Name: Karacosta, Loukia
Title: Postdoctoral Fellow
Degree: Ph.D.
Research interest:  Identifying EMT-induced mechanisms of drug resistance through single cell analysis of breast and lung cancer heterogeneity
Name: Knowles, David
Title: Senior Research Scientist
Degree: Ph.D.
Research interest: The development of novel machine learning methods and their application to data analysis problems in biology.
Name: Li, Irene
Title: Graduate Student
Degree: B.S. 
Research Interest: Tumor microenvironment, cell-cell interactions, integration of multi-omics tumor data 
Name: Toumazis, Iakovos
Title: Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Degree: Ph.D.
Research Interest: Application of mathematical modeling and optimization techniques to improve cancer care.
Name: Yu, Alice
Title: Graduate Student
Degree: B.S.
Research Interest: Developing novel computational methods for cancer biology data analysis to improve personalized treatment
Name: Zhang, Weiruo
Title: Postdoc fellow
Degree: Ph.D.
Research Interest: Radiogenomics, biomedical data integration and development of novel computational methods for data analysis in biomedicine.


Name: Theresa McCann
Title: CCSB/CSBS/IBIIS Program Manager                     
Phone: 650-721-6933

Name: Maggie Bos
Title: Administrative Associate to Sylvia Plevritis             
Phone: 650-725-4936 
Name: Ramzi Totah
Title: CCSB/CSBS/IBIIS Program Coordinator                                                                       
Phone: 650-721-4161 


Alborz Bejnood

Melissa Ko

Stephanie Bailey

YenLin Chia

Mary Do

Sarah Geneser

Olivier Gevaert

Yihan Guan

Summer Han

Anne-Renee Hartman

Santhosh Kasavajjala

Allison Kurian

Shih-jui Lin

Maksim Pashkevich

Betty Pham

Ramesh Nair

Saadet Ayca Erdogan

Xi Rao

Peng Qiu

Sanatan Rai

Debashis Sahoo

Peter Salzman

Cathy Shachaf

Babak Shahbaba

Slava Sigal

Emily Tsai

Allison Widman

Nancy Zhang

Xi Zhao

Aravind Babu

Vish Nair

Andrew Gentles

Cong Xu

Majid Shafiq