Office of Institutional Planning

Strategic Planning

"Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now."
– Alan Lakein

The Office of Institutional Planning manages the School of Medicine’s Strategic Plan by providing staffing, strategic planning tools and expertise, and a coordinated planning process to the Dean’s senior leaders.  Upon request, the Office can provide these same strategic planning resources to other academic or administrative units within the School.

By working with a common and consistent strategic planning model, the Office of Institutional Planning can help to ensure that all of the School’s plans are built upon a shared institutional vision and mission and that opportunities for cross-functional goals and initiatives are readily identified and coordinated.

The Office of Institutional Planning’s “School of Medicine Strategic Planning Database” provides a single, accessible and easy-to-use tool for documenting and managing all of the School’s strategic plans.  By focusing plans on priorities and success measures, the strategic planning model provides a simple, plan-based rationale for annual resource allocation decisions.

For additional information, please contact David O'Brien.


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